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Automated Events and Wager Minigames


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Automated Events:

1v1 Event: All players are teleported to a spectating area outside the 1v1 arena and have all of their items and buffs removed (ex. coffee beer ect.) all players will be set to 100 HP, Stamina, Hunger, and Thirst at the start and end of every fight. The players will be given a choice to vote on the weapons and items they will use throughout the entire event. Once this has been done the players will randomly be chosen 2 at a time to 1v1. There will be a 120 second timer for 1v1s to prevent stalling/teaming. If the time expires the player with the higher HP will be chosen as the winner. If the players have the exact same HP at the end of the 1v1 either both players will be eliminated or one will be chosen at random. It will work as a tournament bracket (bracket could possibly be coded to appear on a wall with players names filled in) single elimination. Losers will be able to spectate or leave if they wish. At the conclusion of the event the winner will be given all the money from the entry fees that players will pay at the start of the event. The winner will also be given a choice between a very rare item, XP, and a small amount of credits.

Machete Event: All players will be teleported to a area with a variety of height, depth, and cover to make the game a bit more interesting. All items and buffs would be removed and players would be given each 1 machete. Players could also vote on other items such as 1-3 painkillers, 2 coffees, or 2 beers (All players would have to be granted the Caffeine rush and Drunken Fist Skill temporarily for this to to work) Players would be teleported to a random position in the arena and frozen in place but still being able to look around for 10 seconds until the event began. If players die they can choose to spectate or return to safezone. With the conclusion of the event the winner would get the cash prize pool from the entry fees. They would also be able to choose between a very rare item, XP, and a small amount of credits.

Locked Crate Event: A helicopter would drop a crate in a random location on the map (Could just be the airdrop locations) the airdrop would be visible on the map at all times so more players are able to go visit it. The player will need to begin hacking the crate which will start a 15 minute countdown until it is unlocked and able to be looted. This crate will have better loot than an airdrop and higher chances to get rare weapons and items.

Multiple Airdrops Event: It is really just as simple as it says 2-3 airdrops will drop at vastly different locations on the map.

Zombie Hoard Event: A hoard of zombies will spawn inside a building protecting a room filled with chests with airdrop rarity loot (Small chance for a locked crate to spawn inside) Zombies can be different sizes, speeds, and health. The location will be displayed on the map with a red circle and an announcement like a airdrop. There may also be different traps inside such as beartraps, door axe traps, bouncing betties, ect. Event will preferably spawn in a location with no players inside of it and a location that only has 1 entrance.

Free For All Event: All players will spawn in a Non-transparent box to prevent from coordination between teammates. Players will vote on guns and items to use during the event. There will be a countdown and the boxes will be removed. The terrain during the event will ideally have plenty of cover. If players die they can choose to spectate or return to safezone. The event will have a 300 second timer to prevent stalling/teaming, if the time expires the player with the most hp wins, or if players have the same HP a winner is chosen at random or it could possibly goto a sudden death 1v1. The winner will get the prize pool from the entry fee, they will also choose between XP, a very rare gun, and a small amount of credits. 

Wager Minigames:

Chess: This game would be from the workshop addon Chess & Checkers and would be placed in random areas in the safe zone allowing players to wager against each other for money. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/23

Checkers: his game would be from the workshop addon Chess & Checkers and would be placed in random areas in the safe zone allowing players to wager against each other for money. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/23

Other custom minigames could be added in safezone or possibly some that already exist that I am not aware of.

Things to keep in mind: 

During the 1v1 event if players die and choose to leave the event they should be teleported to safezone and allowed to keep all of their loot they had previous to the event. Players who disconnect during the event should be teleported to safezone and have their loot returned. No players should be able to scroll during the event. Kills in the 1v1 arena in my opinion shouldnt effect your overall kills, this include dying at all/with bounty. 

During the machete event players should be returned to safezone if they die or disconnect and have their original loot returned. Just like the 1v1 event I do not think it should effect overall kills. Players shouldn't be able to scroll. One downside to this event is teaming, this might be an event where a staff member is required to offer to manage the event in the inevitable event that people team.

Teaming will more than likely be present in this event also so it might require a staff member to be online to manage the event and disqualify any cheaters. 

Any events that require a teleportation to an area should require a entry fee between $100-$5000. At the conclusion of these events the players should be teleported back to safezone even if they choose to disconnect. Demos can be recorded during these events to possibly catch cheaters or teamers during the event. Teamers will receive a suspension if caught which can last from 1 week up to permanent.
Administrators can activate any of the following events with a cooldown dependent on the number of players currently online. With Administrators being able to activate the events they will also be able to customize the event to their liking for example a 1v1 event with purple swords.

I understand that these events would take an extreme amount of time to automate and make since majority of them don't exist currently but this is just me brainstorming if we wanted to make the server even more hands off and enjoyable for players when staff aren't able to get on regularly to do events.


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what wongus said, i really believe there should be more events. most of these can work fairly well being automated and it would encourage it to happen more often since it alleviates the need of an admin+ to go out their way and host them manually!

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