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  1. Steam Username: Wongus Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:556138112 Which server are you banned from?: All of them How long have you been playing on our server(s): 3 years Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why: Yes, on my main account for hacking If you have been banned, how many times?: Twice Why do you think you were banned?: Because I hacked on the server, and now for evading Why should we lift your ban?: Boy, this is a tough one to answer. I have been a player for 3 years of CSI and have thoroughly enjoyed the server, both fo
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  3. +1, pancake is quite active and a friendly player, speak to you fairly often in game. Would like to see you interact with the community more, but otherwise I think you would be a great member to represent CSi
  4. ++1, these ideas are awesome and would bring a nice change to the same goal of "kill players, earn bounty". Would also mean that events could occur without admins having to do the work of having to host it.
  5. Nicely written app, you seem like a nice dude. Although I don’t recall seeing you on the server yet and I’m pretty active myself, maybe that’s due to timezone difference as others have said they’ve seen you quite active. I’m going to stay neutral for now until I get to know you better.
  6. I think this is a pretty good idea, like you say the only way to mute someone in chat is by getting an admin to silence them. This would be a great alternative, especially when there are no admins online to deal with spammers.
  7. The activity is definitely there, see you on the server quite frequently. As said by George and Jerbear if you interact with the community more I would be happy to give you the +1, for now I am neutral
  8. Spoken to you a few times in game here and there but don’t know you too well. Fairly active player who seems to be well known in the community. Going to stay neutral for now, would like to get to know you more
  9. BigWongus


    Time difference between us is mad lad
  10. Is quite active, made an app before and listened to the advice we gave him. Got himself more involved with the community both on server and discord. Seems like a pretty cool guy. Haven’t had a bad experience with him so far so it’s a +1 for Feh HEN Rahl
  11. Played with you a few times and your a cool guy. Quite Involved with the community, donated for a vip giveaway for the server not too long ago which was an awesome event. Would be a great person to represent CSi. +1
  12. Was stubborn with the denial of hacking on the discord after being banned, even though there was clear evidence put in the chat. You was a pretty funny guy I’ll admit, but you got what you deserved. Even gave you starting cash moments before you got banned, shame I didn’t give it to someone who would of actually got to use it 🥴
  13. I’ve seen you have been quite active recently, haven’t spoken to you in game yet though. This is a pretty well written application and you seem like an intelligent guy. I’m going to stay neutral for now, activity is there, would like to see you interact with the community more and then you will have my +1
  14. Neutral for now, Spoke to you in game and you seem like a nice dude, get that activity up and you’ll get a +1
  15. It makes literally no sound at all, if your fairly well hidden it’s very difficult for the victim to find where your being shot from. It needs a little bit of sound IMO. It’s 10/10 if you wanna mess around and spook your squad out 😂
  16. Silenced Dragonuv is OP, needs a fix
  17. Hasn’t been active for a while, seemed like a cool guy from our small interactions. Would like to see you more active. Neutral for now
  18. It’s luck of the draw, If I left safe zone with full gear and spawned next to a bandit, he’s getting capped. I would expect people to do the same to me. Otherwise if you give them a chance and then they kill you, only have yourself to blame. If I left safe zone and I spawned next to a fresh spawn, as long as they were friendly I’d help them out
  19. +1 Quite active, seems like a chill guy. I have only had good experiences with you, I believe you would be a good fit for member.
  20. Very active player, has shown he is committed to CSI. A fun guy I enjoy bumping into in game. +1
  21. Don’t know you too well but from what I’ve seen, you seem like a chill guy. Activity is definitely there, would like to see you engage in the community a bit more but otherwise a +1 from me
  22. Kalder is a sound guy, always a good laugh when I bump into him in game. Seems quite mature and has a lot of previous staff experience, on similar DayZ servers to boot. Staff could use another member on the team so it’s a no brainer. +1
  23. Has been quite active, as well as a chill guy I enjoy playing with. +1
  24. Played on a few servers with an “NPC Quest Giver” and I always thought they were a nice addition. Would be beneficial to newer players especially as they get to grips with the game as well as the map. Also Gives the players a motive alongside killing and getting loot. Quests could start with teaching the player basic mechanics of the game that aren’t obvious such as use of scrolls, trading, skill system, buying and selling, party system etc. Then could lead up to challenging quests like kill x amount of people, risk taking out x amount of cash would be a fun one. These are just some ideas
  25. Great guy and fellow britoni. Was very helpful when I was starting out, and a kind hearted guy. The type of person you want representing the community, +1