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  1. Instead of saying that you will not continue to use hacks, you say that if you're caught again you'll accept your ban. -1 for the hacks, -1 for the evasions, and -1 for the appeal.
  2. I don't think you've been treated unfairly. In fact, I think you've been quite fortunate. Generally when someone evades their punishment (in your case a mute) they receive a permanent punishment and the appeal is rejected. Xavier just said wait 2 more weeks to appeal. To add to your fortune, you called Xavier a coward right here on the public forums, yet you still haven't been perma-banned and he hasn't revoked his statement about applying for an appeal in 2 weeks. You have time and time again displayed toxicity and aggression toward other players and showing disrespect to the community as a w
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I agree that my presence on the server isn't as persistent as some other applicants/players. I lead a busy career as well as a busy personal life with my wife & daughter, so the amount of time I am able to physically spend at the computer (apart from work) is limited. I spend as much time as I can on the server and don't play any other games. Basically, when I'm on the server is when I'm not working or busy with other life events. I try to counter this by being very active on the Discord and the forums when I am not available for in-game interaction. Addin
  4. I think I'm obligated to +1 for the sake of my own wellbeing... Look at the evil in those eyes... I've had nothing but good interactions with him and I would trust his judgement as admin/moderator. Especially since he's gunning for a CityRP position. I think those will definitely need to be filled soon.
  5. Fehnraal

    Server mods

    It's normal. Zombie animations were not created with many frames per second.
  6. Fehnraal

    Server mods

    https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=273063038 Here you go. This should help you out.
  7. Banned for almost 2 years and you didn't attempt to evade the ban before appealing. (which is surprisingly rare.) You've apologized and admitted responsibility for using cheats. +1
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Ideally I would find myself in a moderator position. Since I have a wife, a busy career, and a 1yo daughter, I wouldn't be able to be active as some other administrators. I'd do my best in either position of course, but i believe the moderator position would be more compatible with my daily life. Last thing I would want is to take up a position and be found lacking in my daily duties and responsibilities.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'm usually online afternoons central US time. I'm sure our paths will cross eventually.
  10. Steam Name: CSi. Fehnraal Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52276170 Age: 25 How long have you been playing on our server(s)? It's hard to say. I've been here for over a month now maybe. My forum account was created on the 21st of August. Which server do you play the most: Gmod DayZ How often are you available?: I work from (Central USA) 7a to 3p Monday-Thursday and half days on Friday. I usually spend a few hours after work playing Gmod each day and I usually play on weekends. I balance out personal life with my wife & daughter. I am also availa
  11. Idk who the hell Lucy is, but I do know Clyde. Loud and bloodthirsty, but pretty cool. I'll +1 ya if you show me some mercy every once in a while. +1
  12. That's pretty blatant cheating. -1
  13. 1st clip is pretty sus 2nd clip just looked like twitch aiming.
  14. It's a good rule of thumb that when trying to appeal a ban, don't attempt to circumvent the ban beforehand. Attempted ban evasions are a major infraction here, and will heavily weight against your odds during a ban appeal. That being said, it has been over a year and a half since your original ban. You might have learned from your past mistakes. However, for the ban evasion attempt, I'm voting Neutral.
  15. Like I said, I cannot claim to know your intentions. The circumstances around the apparent ban & evasion attempt just don't look good in your favor. This: (1mo ago) is a very vile action. DDOS is not only toxic in-game, but it is a threat to interrupt a person's personal life by shutting down their internet. For example, I am working from home right now because of COVID-19. If someone shut my internet down, I'd be sure to never let them on a server I managed ever again. A DDoS of the game server means nobody gets to play. This is still awful. This isn't just being toxic or

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