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Quietly opening doors


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My idea is possibly make a bind or something of which you have the ability to open doors either quietly or silently. I know iv'e been killed many times while sneaking through a building and dying because I had to open a door, it be loud af. At least players would have the option to either barge through or sneak their way in. Maybe it could be a perk or upgrade using skill points. 

(Example: Alt + E opens the door quietly/silently)


P.S. If I messed up a "format" or anything just comment, first time using the fourms.

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Had the pleasure of watching around 15-20 players crouch around the map for about an hour letting that many players be absolutely silent considering they know not to aim down sights would be so enjoyable considering on southside you can already die from about 15 locations no matter where you are. -1

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13 hours ago, Medinator said:

I like the idea as i understand why you would suggest this 

but the camping situation on the server is just too much and this would just worsen it

"I like the idea" ....... proceeds to explain why he doesn't like the idea.

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