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  1. It truly amuses me that a 26 year old man can not keep control of his temper, instead choosing to lash out at admins because he wants to post his bike shit posts. I told you to stop posting it because all it was doing was causing disorganisation. Xavier and Dan had heard it, Xavier said it wasn't going to be done and so that is final, it does not matter if people agree with your idea or not, it was denied. The way you reacted afterwards truly cements what kind of person you are, and exactly why you're not a fit for member. I would also like to pick at your statement of being around here for "8 years". The earliest date you connected was the 04/13/2020, of course that being since late 2018 when the server relaunched. No one else on the staff team, people who have been around for just about as long, recognise you in the slightest. Now of course I only have logs that trace back to Q4 2018, so prior to that for all I know, you could've played. -1
  2. George

    Zjex unban post

    Thread Locked
  3. +1 Active and friendly. Also kinda cool
  4. +1 Active and kinda cool I guess, only had positive experiences with him.
  5. We are sorry you have ever had to interact with Medinator, you have our fullest sympathies server wide.
  6. Also George is bald.
  7. Personally I don't want to see you unbanned, although I will let another admin decide the result. Your lack of honesty to start with was already bad, then you only admit to hacking because of my decision and the evidence that was shown. You show no sympathy, you only repeat what I said and claim you will correct yourself. That coupled with the fact you've just copy and pasted this from your last appeal makes me certain you have absolutely no regrets for what you did, nor do I believe you deserve the privilege that other cheaters have received after being honest immediately. -1
  8. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Especially in times like this, it's unacceptable. I'll be issuing 2 day bans for the both of them. Accepted EDIT: After reviewing again, what Wublub said is worthy of a longer ban sentence. Oscar will also be having his ban doubled.
  9. I would love to eat korean bbq with Silver

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    2. Medinator


      I would love to eat your ass

    3. VAULT 萧条

      VAULT 萧条


    4. Silver


      Vault, I feel sorry for you. You have clearly never eaten Korean BBQ.

  10. I want at least another Staff's opinion on this. Personally I trust the ban reason far more than I trust the word of someone who cheats on a 2004 game.
  11. George

    Taiga Ban Appeal

    Join THATGMODZ Denied
  12. George

    angel unban appeal

    Hacking in response to someone else you suspect of hacking is not a reason to do so. You've been banned a month and so I was going to give you a second chance but after searching up your STEAMID, I found that a couple days before you were banned from our server, you were banned from another GMODZ server, so that causes me to doubt what you've said in this appeal. Denied
  13. Generally people get angry and lash out a bit, although Krieg has shown to do far more than that many a time. I have been a witness to this personally. Request Accepted.
  14. George

    Unban RQ

    You've taken the words out of my mouth. I'm afraid we're not required to show you how those two accounts are connected, either way the evidence of your aim assistance is clear enough for this ban to remain. You also show very little remorse so give it a little while before you think of appealing again. Denied.
  15. I was going to start with thanking you for your honesty, but then you decide to try and pin you using cheats on us. You're pathetic. Don't bother appealing for at least a couple months. Denied
  16. You seem to be mistaken. The evidence clearly shows your aimlock freaking out around this guy. You may have even been considered for a second chance after time had passed, but instead you took the route of blind denial assuming the evidence would be minimal and unjust. Appeal Denied.
  17. George

    Banks Unban Appeal

    We always appreciate people who chose to admit to their hacks and show remorse for doing so. I'm going to be unbanning you seeming as it has been well over a year now and the banning admin agreed. This is your second chance, you won't get a third. Appeal Accepted
  18. +1 Active and friendly, been around a good amount of time.
  19. Going to go ahead and unban you since this was over a year ago and the banning admin is retired. This is your second chance, we don't give out third chances. Appeal Accepted
  20. Your ban is currently one week. Although, you're a longtime player and you're well aware this just isn't alright. I'm going to be extending your ban to a month. Appeal Denied