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Bug with Road Spikes IMPORTANT

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Basically, I'm soooo sorry by posting the bug here, but I've searched up the whole forum and Discord server, but I didn't find the "Bug section", so please forget me my blindness and give the link below (if exists) πŸ™‚

So, the problem with Road Spikes is really simple, thye just don't disappear when you change your job. I was PD member and placed spikes trap in the middle of the road, I ran after the suspect and cuffed him. I wanted to rejoin PD to reset everything - I rejoined the job (not server) and teoreticly everything reseted, exacly... most, but not trap. It's still placed on the road and destroying wheels (MIDDLE OF ROAD RN) and I can't pick it up, I have one in my invetory and when I want to pick up another one (this bugged), it says "Restricted Access" and I can't pick it.

That's really Important to be fixed, becouse really a lot of people just driven pass the road and at the end they stopped without their wheel and without cash (to repair that).
Hope for a quick Respond!


BUG Spikes trap GMOD.png

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Lower all your settings, but on trillnear filtering mode, enable multicore rendering via console, change your launch setting toΒ 64 tick, and if you can get a stretched resolution. All this will boost your FPS

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