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give me a skin

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+1 Paul is a very mature and conscientious student. He came to class everyday with a great attitude and prepared to learn. His effort continued to increase throughout the semester as he began to develop his study skills and his time management skills. He is encouraged to continue developing these skills in order to continue his success in future science courses. Good luck next semester!

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On 7/28/2019 at 10:48 PM, Russkipaul said:

i think i should get a free skin cause im plat

I actually recently asked XXXav bout donating for personal skins (if they have an approved hitbox), and he said that he isn't focusing on making it a thing just yet again (something along those lines). 

I agree though. As most of you know, I flex the fact that I am gold w/out donating a single penny. But now that I actually have a decent amount of money to my name. I would like to donate to support the server, but I also want an excuse to donate at the same time. And I do not need any credits, so a personal skin would be perfect.

Maybe if this post gets enough support, xav might make it a thing so it can generate more money for the server. 


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