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negev man

negev man (me) ban unrequest

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Steam Username: negev man

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:566509937

Link to ban request (if there is one): 

Which server are you banned from?: GMODZ, a server i very much enjoy

How long have you been playing on our server(s): a few days i believe.

Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why: no.

If you have been banned, how many times?: once, permanently

Why do you think you were banned?: The reasons state "toxic behaviour and slurs, and ban evasion" and was done by someone called phoon who i would like to talk to about this because i have no idea about it. I have no memory of this at all, infact the only thing i actually remember the day before i woke up to this ban is shooting someone fatally and rather enjoying that experience. I very much like this server and find it a unique and more "vanilla" experience than that crappy other server gmoddayz. I would like to be unbanned, and actually given proof to what i did, not only because i can't really defend myself for something i have no memory of but because if it actually happened i would love to see myself acting that way out of sheer curiosity. I also believe that i was on something which i also cannot remember because i can't remember pretty much anything of that night. 

Why should we lift your ban?:Because the way i acted was probably the result of some substance use, probably alcohol. I do not believe i am normally a toxic person, i am actually a rather nice person though i'm sure i would rather prove it than say that (which i can't if i am not unbanned). Even if i am really that nasty and sacrifice my enjoyment on this server to minge and troll for a while just to troll again, all you need to do is unban me and revert the damage (hopefully that won't include therapy). The state i was in at the time clearly was not representative sober. I may be stupid but i am not toxic nor a bad presence. I'll make sure to play only sober from now on. If this phoon character shows up and gives his reasons, i ask in advance to have some forgiveness. At least give me a chance to enjoy this game and i might surprise you how much of a stable person i am.

Edited by phoon

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5 minutes ago, Nathan said:

-1, spamming forum, being a dumbass.

i don't see exactly why this constitues a reason relavent to my banning in particular and especially as you know nothing of the events that lead to it. And i am not spamming, spam is made of worthless nonsense and i believe everything i say is worthwhile and valuable, even if you cannot see that

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13 minutes ago, George said:


Care to explain your ban evasions?

(original ban)c90464410b5825975b57f8cef2818ac1.png

(ban evasion bans)



I can't remember but Marty Bluth is another person's account i have access to and i get gmod from via family sharing. must have gone back on with that account. Again i'd like to be unbanned because my behaviour was untypical and unrepresentative of what i am like, done while strongly intoxicated and i don't think it's fair for me to have a permanent ban, at the very least i think it should be reduced in size if it isn't not appealed fully. I don't actually know if i did anything on the second account if not just to see if it also got caught by the ban, in case i wanted the actual owner to use it. Can you check to see the logs if i actually did anything? because then i would hardly consider that ban evasion. A permanent ban for highly intoxicated slurs and checking to see if i had gotten another person banned from a server i think they would enjoy would be reasonable.

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Just now, negev man said:

Can you check to see the logs if i actually did anything? because then i would hardly consider that ban evasion. 

Ban Evasion is simply evading a ban with an alternate account, which you did, on two occasions. 

Although, with that said, generally we avoid giving such a long sentence for what can be seen as ill judgement. So in this case I'll be giving you a "second" chance, reducing all the bans to 1 month in suspension, any attempt to evade further will result in the permanent bans being reinstated and you being ineligible for an appeal.

Appeal Accepted.

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