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  1. I can't remember but Marty Bluth is another person's account i have access to and i get gmod from via family sharing. must have gone back on with that account. Again i'd like to be unbanned because my behaviour was untypical and unrepresentative of what i am like, done while strongly intoxicated and i don't think it's fair for me to have a permanent ban, at the very least i think it should be reduced in size if it isn't not appealed fully. I don't actually know if i did anything on the second account if not just to see if it also got caught by the ban, in case i wanted the actual owner to use it. Can you check to see the logs if i actually did anything? because then i would hardly consider that ban evasion. A permanent ban for highly intoxicated slurs and checking to see if i had gotten another person banned from a server i think they would enjoy would be reasonable.
  2. i don't see exactly why this constitues a reason relavent to my banning in particular and especially as you know nothing of the events that lead to it. And i am not spamming, spam is made of worthless nonsense and i believe everything i say is worthwhile and valuable, even if you cannot see that
  3. i wish at least a part of me wanted to live out my life as long as possible, but i do not want that, i only fear the divine consequences of not doing it. Yet i feel as if i am myself indispensable, at least to myself. And if all i am is what i have inside me, than i truly am. The problem is, i, whatever that word really constitutes exactly anymore i do not know, just am driving on a desolate road, because everyone was faster. If i was a head, and knew that, i'd just block the road. Can't let someone overtake you in life, if everyone does, they need to go down with you.i don't think of anything anymore, just do stuff i feel compelled to do and forget about it. all i want is to find some people i don't like and batter them, maybe use a nail gun on their body.
  4. there's this game called counter strike source, clearly you never heard of it because you are playing global offensive. either that or you are so sad you have to play with is essentially a shitty remake of source that was delibrately made to be worse in every way imaginable.
  5. imagine not dropping out what a bunch of imbeciles
  6. You, come to my ban unapple and give me evidence for my permant ban from this nice game, 

  7. Steam Username: negev man Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:566509937 Link to ban request (if there is one): Which server are you banned from?: GMODZ, a server i very much enjoy How long have you been playing on our server(s): a few days i believe. Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why: no. If you have been banned, how many times?: once, permanently Why do you think you were banned?: The reasons state "toxic behaviour and slurs, and ban evasion" and was done by someone called phoon who i would like to talk to about this because i have no idea about it. I have no memory of this at all, infact the only thing i actually remember the day before i woke up to this ban is shooting someone fatally and rather enjoying that experience. I very much like this server and find it a unique and more "vanilla" experience than that crappy other server gmoddayz. I would like to be unbanned, and actually given proof to what i did, not only because i can't really defend myself for something i have no memory of but because if it actually happened i would love to see myself acting that way out of sheer curiosity. I also believe that i was on something which i also cannot remember because i can't remember pretty much anything of that night. Why should we lift your ban?:Because the way i acted was probably the result of some substance use, probably alcohol. I do not believe i am normally a toxic person, i am actually a rather nice person though i'm sure i would rather prove it than say that (which i can't if i am not unbanned). Even if i am really that nasty and sacrifice my enjoyment on this server to minge and troll for a while just to troll again, all you need to do is unban me and revert the damage (hopefully that won't include therapy). The state i was in at the time clearly was not representative sober. I may be stupid but i am not toxic nor a bad presence. I'll make sure to play only sober from now on. If this phoon character shows up and gives his reasons, i ask in advance to have some forgiveness. At least give me a chance to enjoy this game and i might surprise you how much of a stable person i am.