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  1. +1: He admitted and repented I believe everyone deserves second chances...
  2. +1: From what I've seen of Oscar Aside from the racial slurs and DDoS attack he has been very friendly and a good person, I think he would make a great addition to the CSi community!
  3. +1: He has been really active, and he's a really good person, I've only had good encounters with him and he helped me with something in photoshop I think.
  4. You shot a female in the foot too?
  5. +1: I think this would be a great addition to the server and would help newer players get to safezone without dying a 1000 times EDIT: just realized that this would be only beneficial to older players because its a perk -1
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    Server mods

    not exactly sure what you mean by that but I'm sure if you hop in a discord vc we could help you fix this.
  7. Zerg 萧条

    Server mods

    if you need more help i made this small guide a while back:
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    Welcome to the community, i think I'm a bit late...
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  10. +1: I think you would be a great addition to the community, as for the little thing u said in chat i think you should try and encourage players to keep playing but we all have our slip ups ~ZERG
  11.                                     KIDS SEE GHOSTS

  12. NEUTRAL I'm going to have to be Neutral on this one just because of the simple fact that I have never seen you on the server but if i start to see you on i will 100% change it to a +1 also i love the fact that your profile pic is Ozzy Osbourne, hope to see you soon.
  13. +1: I've seen a bit in-game i would love to see you become a member of CSi.
  14. +1: I think this would bring loads of fun, and just something to do other than dying and killing 🙂
  15. +1: I always see you on all the time, and you seem to be very friendly, all of the interactions i have had with you were pretty nice, Good Luck 🙂
  16. Great to see that this is finally being added, i'm really glad the community is moving forward this way!
  17. +1: I have been playing with Lush for the past couple of days, and I think I have gotten to really know him, he is a overall great guy, i never seen him get to angry or upset, and he is usually resentful with newer players. I believe he would make a great new addition to the CSi. community. ~zerg
  18. 8:51 Here in California
  19. Neutral: I personally have never seen you on the server, i think you should've waited just a bit longer before applying but if i see some activity i will change mine to a +1
  20. I believe that the sniper weapons, and prices are in a great place as they are because most snipers are very over powered and if you want to use a sniper cheap they have added a weapon called Dragonuv SVD that takes AK ammo and is just as powerful as the snipers if not more because of the fire rate and the noise glitch.
  21. if your still interested in doing this please contact me on discord at: zerg#3091