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  1. You're not sure why you were banned but you admit to using an anti-recoil script
  2. The map is half water, which is basically unusable, especially with FA:S weapons. The other half is full of people camping on roofs, and the spawns make it so you're at a strong disadvantage most of the time. Another issue is there's really no cover. It makes the roof camping issue way worse, and makes gameplay feel more like a roulette than skill based. Chernarus was an example of the perfect map, and I feel that the server should go back to that or Evo City until this one is fixed and made proper for the game mode.
  3. Dude... this makes you look uncool. -1.
  4. Hey guys, not trying to rush or anything, but has there been a decision made? It's been almost a month and I'm curious.
  5. I know Soma, as we use to play on the server together. However I don't know who lonelyman is
  6. I would also like to add that I do believe I have changed in the time that I've been banned. I do think that me trying to appeal instead of evading and being rude shows some kind of proof, however like I said before I have no real way to actually prove it unless i'm on the server.
  7. I honestly didn't even remember most of that. You're right that I did receive warnings, and to be completely honest I didn't care because I thought I would get away with it because of the whole no rule thing. The entire time I brought up no rules i was just trying to explain my thought process at the time, and am not trying to use it as an excuse, if you believe me at all. Honestly I'd just like to come back and play on the server because when i played in 2014 - 2015 I had a lot of fun and It was very enjoyable. However, when the staff decided to reopen it back and unban everyone, including well known cheaters and not make any rules I just couldn't take it seriously. Now that it seems you guys have everything in order for the most part, and the fact that there seems to be a solid player base it makes me want to give it a try again like I did before. If I didn't wish to respect the community and the rules then I could've gotten on a VPN on a different computer and played that way, however I'm trying my best to show that I am willing to abide by the rules and be as respectful as possible. I believe the worst case scenario from your perspective would be for me to go on and be rude to someone else again, and all you would have to do is ban me. I'm not a cheater, so it's not like you would have to reimburse any players for lost items. I don't know how else to prove that I won't be an issue to the server without actually being on it.
  8. As an admin you represent the staff team, as I mentioned before. I don't care about your personality, but when you act like a child on the forums, which everyone can read, it's a bad look for the server. If you truly believe you're a good staff member then take into consideration that what you do doesn't just effect you, but the entire community itself. Anyways I agree, this should go back to focusing on the ban appeal.
  9. There were no rules against it, so why would I try to hide it? Also, if you read what I posted, I blatantly said I do not expect admins to act professional on a video game server. I'm not really upset, just baffled as to how someone like you is able to represent the staff team, who has almost always been good at their job.
  10. Why would you reasonably expect someone to try to make amends with a server that has no player base? That seems absurd at best and stupid at worst. I can judge how you act as a staff member because as one you represent CSI, and unfortunately you're doing a remarkably abhorrent job at representing it. While I don't expect an admin to act professional on a video game server of all places, I at least expect to be treated with a little respect, which every admin, a council member, and even regular players have done except for you. Take a few tips from the admins who actually know what they're doing and i'm sure you'd be good at your role.
  11. You make the staff team look terrible simply by you acting like a complete child every time you post in this thread. You picking and choosing who you act like a child to doesn't help you, and would turn many people off regardless of what I did in the past. Just because you get a kick out of it doesn't mean it's right, as I've stated before. You and other admins seem to have this misunderstanding that I said what I did was "alright". I've said time and again, I did it because there wasn't a rule against it, yes. However, I fully admit, like I have many other times in this thread, that it was not "alright" and still isn't.
  12. I'm pretty sure your attitude has driven away many more players than I ever have. You've contributed nothing to this thread except making the staff team look bad.
  13. I don't see how you could know if my attitude has changed or not, all I said was that I did what I did at the time because there were no rules against it.I do not feel entitled at all, and If I did don't you think i'd just be demanding to be unbanned, rather than asking? I said many times that what I did was wrong and that I apologize for it. Could you clear up what makes you think that I have not changed at all? Because from what I wrote I don't see how I gave any indication of it being otherwise.
  14. While this doesn't have anything to do with my appeal, I do agree that George was being extremely rude for no real apparent reason. Especially so when every other Admin has taken the time to be polite with me even though they seem to be against me being unbanned. I really don't appreciate his attitude, and he should be looked at in terms of him keeping staff in my opinion.
  15. From what I remember, I've actually only been banned one time, which is the ban I am appealing.



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