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  1. kjm

    Jeffy App

    dont really agree with everything here but yeah take this down still this process is stupid and im not waiting 6 months for a role on a gmod server
  2. kjm

    Jeffy App

    I know I would be able to do what I needed to do if I was a member but 1. This shit has taken weeks to go through 2. server hasnt been updated in weeks 3. People who I dont even know are responding to my thing with no pretense of knowing me completley bombing my app with dumb ratings and -1's cus I rated a post of theirs dumb 4. Community is already taking a terrible stance on ban requests/harassment for banning people for it for literally following someone around for three minutes 5. Servers too grindy/hard to begin with and dans only making it harder by not listening to the community and what they want but instead adding something that got a minuscule amount of upvotes like the "cinema" 6. What the fuck is even the point of these membership applications, Should be able to apply straight to admin instead of wasting ur time here 7. Ban requests literally allow people to bombard with +1's or -1's if they arent even involved hahahaha All im saying is that Dan expects this shit too get 2 servers at 64 people but the community is already non functioning community with staff members from dayz who know nothing of DarkRP rules and come on and just farm (atleast when I played for 2 weeks), with the content Dan is adding in it is turning into a glorified VR chat where only people who pour their hearts out onto the server will have good guns and will lose them to beefy cops who have them.. Cant even roll around in gangs cus its to hard to get people to play for the Crime RP when it takes like 4 years to get a gun and even when you have a gun you cant Mug more than one person per 24 hours????? Like if u wanted the server to be VR chat just let people know... No disrespect to Dan and Xavier since they damn well know how to code and shit but they need to listen better if they want a successful server, Dan seems way to quick to dismiss good ideas that have worked on other popular servers that are either gone or still up....
  3. kjm

    Jeffy App

    yeah now im proving ur point cus I genuinely dont fucking care, I applied stopped playing cus the devs havent added an update anyone wanted in fucking weeks and then you guys after +1'ing my thing without even knowing me and then -1 it after one kid does lmfao.... you guys are fucking parrots. dont respond to peoples things if you have never once seen them in game or interacted on discord Like I said any admin can take this down cus I genuinely dont fucking care
  4. -1 pea treat is a minge and has been banned multiple times for minging
  5. kjm

    Jeffy App

    take this shit down since these "og members" are retards and have no common sense and just go with whatever everyone else is saying even though I have never played with them.
  6. kjm

    Jeffy App

    How was my response toxic? I just asked who you guys were cus when I played for 2 weeks you guys never played but were messaging people in my org asking to alliance, imo you have no place putting any opinion here since I never once interacted with you in game. You and your butt buddy literally decided to -1 me for no reason lmfao. Suck my dick
  7. kjm

    Jeffy App

    who even are u guys? in my 80 hours on the server I think I have seen you guys maybe like once, Sorry I havent been on recently I have been waiting for an update to come out like the gang update, dont know how im toxic for following someone for 3 minutes who had also done the same to us? ok
  8. kjm

    Jeffy App

    Havent been on for the past 2 days as I have become a bit burnt out with school and all that so im grinding wow classic for now, gonna be on this weekend 4 sum fun
  9. kjm

    Jeffy App

    I got a 2 hour ban for following someone and ramming there car for accidentally hitting me a couple times which led to them being accidentally hit by @Islexic, Sorry to @Jonathanwho was the victim but I was just trynna mess with him as a joke since his org does the same type of stuff to us all the time, I see why I was banned and wont do it again
  10. kjm


    +1 Everyone knew it was tyler and even if they didnt they were told right away in chat by me, george and others. Imo tyler kinda acted like a fool in discord but I see it as a heat of the moment type of situation where he was upset so he started rude about it, Imo I think tyler ban should be reduced to the same as its ya boi troys and he should have a warning about his actions on the discord. This type of behavior is completely besides tyler and I know if he gets unbanned he wont do it again
  11. plus if no witnesses live police wont have anything to go off of
  12. Yeah u shouldnt be able to kill unarmed people on the server in a raid its just messed up since they have to comply to fear rp anyways
  13. kjm

    Jeffy App

    Thanks for the king words!
  14. kjm

    Jeffy App

    yeah for sure
  15. kjm

    Jeffy App

    I told em I posted the app and they decided to +1, If you seriously thought I genuinely mean what I said about choking someone out then your dead wrong, I always say threats like that to friends and people online as a joke, I've done nothing wrong in this community besides voice my concerns, I dont get upset, getting upset it throwing a fit over something and crying imo, I voice my concerns and if someone has something to counter it I usually say something back

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