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  1. I would like platinum members and admins only to have any type of reserved slots. Adding more slots can cause stability issues like we experienced in the past and that's why we currently have the population cap we have and don't have reserved slots set up.
  2. Reminder, PM ME, with any actual videos you want to submit. Anything posted in this thread WILL NOT COUNT!
  3. Although your report was a little lackluster, I did catch him cheating. Thank you for the report!
  4. Hi, welcome to the forums!
  5. Yes, for cinematic shots you can.
  6. Hello All, As the holiday season begins, the council team has decided to host a video making contest! To entice community involvement and interest, this video making competition will also include prizes for the top 3 video winners. To keep everything fair, the community will be able to vote on which videos they think make the cut to be in the top 3. The rules to the contest are as follows: 1.) Try to keep videos between 30 seconds and a 2:00 minutes long. 2.) The videos submitted must be of the CSi DayZ server. 3.) There is no set "video" to make. Feel free to use your creative freedom. This can involve a hype trailer for the server or some sort of game play, comedic video, etc. (Any obvious troll videos will not be considered.) 4.) All videos entered must be rendered in at least 720p 5.) All videos must be submitted either before or on December 7, 2018 6.) All videos entered must abide to all CSi rules. To submit a video, please upload it to YouTube and set it as unlisted. Then, private message me the link. After all video are submitted, I will make a thread with a poll attached and all the videos will be posted so that everyone can vote. Top 3 video submissions will be given VIP, Gold, Credits and more! If you already have some/all of the rewards, you can chose to donate your reward as a present to someone else! Have fun and good luck everyone!
  7. -1 From me. Also, But, I'm sure you've already been told this by Xavier.
  8. I like this. +Support from me. Edit: Talked to Xavier, we've added this to the list. Thanks for the great idea.
  9. >say you're good at fps games >list games you are "ranked" in >be game and vac banned from said games Ooooof. Denied.
  10. Well, first of all... Second of all, If you watch the video @ 00:07 - 00:09 @ x0.25 speed you'll see a pretty suspicious flick and a 1 bang on another player 5k units away. It also looked to me like you might have tried to use the zombie as a "cover" to 1 bang the guy and make it seem like you were trying to hit the zombie. Also, watching 00:18 - 00:20 at 0.25x and at normal speed, it looks to me like you lock onto the head and fire some sus shots with some very "weird recoil." With this evidence, and with what Solo said, I highly doubt your innocence.
  11. Hi, thanks for making an appeal. Unfortunately, you are lying about everything. I was the person that banned you and it was for THIS: 1.) A bunny hop script 2.) Aimlock/Aimbot 3.) Possible wall hacks. In the future, i recommend not cheating on servers or going on the forums and lying in your ban appeal.
  12. In that case, welcome aboard again!
  13. Lich King is correct, you don't meed the requirements just yet. I'm going to deny this until you do.
  14. Thread locked. If they want to apply to be members, they should at least put the effort into making thier own application.
  15. Thread locked. If they want to apply to be members, they should at least put the effort into making thier own application.
  16. Are you still interested in joining?
  17. Hey, are you still interested in joining?
  18. We can't take your appeal seriously if you can't figure out how to use the unban template: Make sure you edit your application with all this information. Thanks.
  19. More trap maps yesss.. Especially small maps every I can c4 half the server.
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