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Add tasks from NPC: bring me a bottle of water and a lobster. Bring me the m4a1 and Ak-47 And reward for tasks *any*

Dayz server

 think it will be more interesting in the gameplay, and then walking around the city collecting things and selling them is boring.

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Played on a few servers with an “NPC Quest Giver” and I always thought they were a nice addition. Would be beneficial to newer players especially as they get to grips with the game as well as the map. Also Gives the players a motive alongside killing and getting loot.

Quests could start with teaching the player basic mechanics of the game that aren’t obvious such as use of scrolls, trading, skill system, buying and selling, party system etc. Then could lead up to challenging quests like kill x amount of people, risk taking out x amount of cash would be a fun one. These are just some ideas but the possibilities are endless

It worked best when one quest was given at a time so you couldn’t spam rewards.

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