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DarkRP Update 2019-08-31


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Hello everyone,


The DarkRP server sees a long awaited update tonight. I have spent the better part of this last week tweaking the vehicles and fighting with the physics engine used by Source, so most of my changes revolve around that. With the vehicle changes almost complete, you will see one more big time consuming and non-content related update from me; the crash recovery system. Once that's out of the way, I can move on to polishing existing features.

Xavier's Changes:

  • Complete overhaul/rebalance of every single vehicle.
  • Fixed traction upgrades (Braking upgrades currently broken as a result. This will be addressed later.)
  • Fixed curing weed making inventory unusable
  • Fixed "Tasks are locked" message
  • Fixed "You can't afford that" happening in credit store
  • Added Police Lieutenant rank
  • Added delay to equipping weapons and clothes along with an automated /me message
  • Added Chevrolet Suburban (Sergeant) and Crown Victoria (Lieutenant) police vehicles (Reskins coming soon)
  • Optimized poor-performing thirdparty addons
  • Fixed some exploitable code
  • The server is now on visible on the server list!


  • Prevent previewing owned properties in realestate shop
  • Added a 0-60 MPH timer to speedometer
  • Tweaked color of orange underglow
  • Added purchase confirmation prompt to car upgrade shop
  • Fixed vehicle skins on KingQuad
  • Fixed switching to driver seat from passenger seat
  • Sped up all garage doors so they don't push your car away
  • Fixed hoe refusing to place patches in some areas
  • Fixed building boundaries for one of the apartments
  • Added guide notifications to Chad's Autobody shop
  • Reduced door interaction timer and added auto-closing of doors
  • Added italic font to /me command
  • Fixed fonts not loading for everyone
  • Fixed lockpick breaking all viewmodels and lockpick not working with movement config
  • Fixed XP bar when level 99
  • Prevent different user interfaces from 'duplicating'
  • Added & improved different development tools
  • Other small tweaks not worth mentioning here (216 commits since last update!)
  • Changes to our administration mod and discord-based remote control
  • yngxxK.png


Danny has also been hard at work as always, bringing some juicy content to the table.

Dan's Changes:

  • Fixed bugs related to pickpocketing
  • Limited the amount of weed that can be placed on drying rack
  • Increased the time between flowering stages for marijuana
  • Fixed chat bug
  • Added a mugging script
    • Disallows you from mugging in considerable public areas
    • Tracks who partook in the mugging
    • Adds physical timer in between your next attempt to mug the same player
    • Forces the player to drop a specific amount of money
  • Updated the items in the credit store
  • Fixed some errors related to the weed tent
  • The flower pots, lights and fans will drop on the ground when a weed tent is picked up
  • You may now only interact with entities if you're the owner
  • Added a bank alarm
  • Double the vehicle repair stack size
  • Players can now alt + e other player's items to "steal"
  • Added a door alarm item
    • Beeps when door is damaged
    • Beeps when door is lockpicked
  • Increased player stamina endurance gain on fitness level up by 5%
  • Added a cinema where players can watch videos and listen to music
    • Requires you are running the chromium branch of gmod
  • Added a popcorn item that is given to premium players on entrance of the cinema
  • Added a small token to each donation received
  • Vehicle damage is now much harsher
  • Players can now die from car crashes
  • Vehicles will ignite themselves and their surroundings on engine exploded
  • Added firehose to firefighter job
    • Requires firetruck to be nearby
  • Weapons that are in a players hotbar will now display on their character
  • Manually aligned pickaxe/hoe/hatchet item icons
  • Weapon skins when equipped will now show on the weapon items themselves
  • Added an ooc chat delay
    • Premium bypasses delay
  • Players can no longer build on their property if their property is being raided or has an intruder
  • Vehicle health has been reduced from 2100 to 1200
  • Players may no longer chat when dead
  • Players are now rewarded XP on Xanax harvest
  • Added "rape" to the list of censored words
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