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XP gain per minute

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To begin, I know the easier way to do this, but I started thinking - how much XP i gain as a PD?! thats incredibly slow!!! ... sooo, this started from this, (The picture of this math will be in the attached - WARNING my writing is terrible lmao)

1. I took the paper

2. I took a pen

3. I took my phone

4. Started to play and hope to don't see any crime to don't need to arrest anybody

5. Note my xp and the time when wrote that.

So... That's simple, isn't it? Acutally it is not as simple as you may think, but I love math and minecraft so I could do that using piece of checkered paper and my mind (idk why I added minecraft). After the math, I expected number of 112 (That's the one of the parameted taken to do that), instead I got < 112,10 >.

To sum up everything --- The number of XP gain per minute as a Police Department Member (without global boosts and arrests) you get < ~2.95xp per minute > ---


If anyone is curious about XP gaining per min. as a medic/firefighter or anything else where's math is needed, feel free to post that here :).

If you think informations about gaining XP as a Server Job should be posted in brackets in the Beginners Guide please comment, maybe Developer will think about it ๐Ÿ™‚



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Okay so now I've seen I did this


or anything else where's math is needed

and the point is, I can't edit post after 5mins or sth, so I apologise for my ortographic mistakes that can't be edited... ahhh I'm really embarrassed becouse of them... enjoy ๐Ÿ˜„

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