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  1. phoon

    Server mods

    If you join our discord csiservers.com and goto the #help text channel there will be an in-depth explanation to how to fix anything to do with content. @Czajka
  2. Its a good concept but would only benefit veteran players.
  3. While I haven't had any chances to interact with you in game your replies are overwhelmingly positive. I wish you the best of luck on your future "adventures" on CSi. and hopefully I will get a chance to get to know you better. Accepted @Aleksandr.
  4. Very cool guy in game. Basically the polar opposite of toxic. Had some pvp interactions with you and you never really seem to get overly upset by dying or anything like that. You talk in global quite frequently answering questions from new players. For this reason I think you would make a great member. Accepted @gaviekrayfish.
  5. I have had a chance to get to know you better in the past few days. You are very supportive of the community and very helpful to newer players. Despite your rough past you seem to have made a substantial recovery and are very good about interacting with the community and being positive. You will make a great member, hopefully you continue this path of being a good boy. Accepted @Knightly.
  6. I see you on the server and discord quite frequently. You seem to have improved your interaction with a lot of the players in the community. I think you would make a fantastic member! With that being I am happy to accept this application. @Pancake Jenkins
  7. I see you on the server quite frequently and have had only a handful interactions with you. You seem like pretty chill guy who would make a great member! With that being said I am happy to accept this application. @QM Ice
  8. Screenshot wasn’t required for you us to understand you were acting like you were above the law. You have directly messaged Xavier multiple times asking to be pardoned because of your contributor status, not to mention the lovely conversation we had the other day about your model basically acting like you had a right to have whatever model you wanted which is not the case. Your membership served as a warning to your bad behavior and was ignored. You called another CSi. Member a homophobic slur in the discord then quickly deleted the message (which we have logs for) which is why your membership
  9. I see you on the server but you don't seem to talk much or interact with anybody for the most part. I would like to get to know you better before doing anything with your application.
  10. Pretty sure you get a total of 20,000 Credits over time. So you would only get the 20,000 at once if you donated 100 dollars. I think since you donated 25 for gold then 25 for a model then 50 for plat you used majority of your credits already on perks and a model so you would only be getting 50 dollars worth of credits.
  11. This discord was created to compile clips recorded on all of the CSi. Garry's Mod servers. It was an idea I originally got from a rust youtube channel that compiles clips from streamers and posts them on a somewhat regular basis. Now obviously this will just be a hobby of mine so, expect videos to come out between a week to a month from eachother. Depending on my motivation level and schedule the time could very drastically. So feel free to post clips in their assorted text channels, please just be respectful and obviously don't post anything malicious. I would like to keep this somewhat unoff
  12. Despite there only being 1 clip there is no reason to trace that player there. Its obviously ESP and you will not be given another chance to appeal due to your dishonesty and failing to use the template.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. I see you on the server a lot. You are one of the more active players in the community and a lot of people seem to have good interactions with you ingame and on the discord. I think people would still like to get to know you better but I still think you would make a great member in the community. With that being said welcome to the orange boys.
  15. I am going to accept this membership application. Clyde / Clyde's alter ego Lucy has one of the best community involvement among really the entire community. I don't remember having any issues with you in the server that I can remember so with that being said I am happy to accept this membership application!

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