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  1. This decision is final and there is no chance of appealing it. You will have to wait out your ban. Appeal denied.
  2. TeddyBears

    Unban RHID2

    Obviously hacking and lying on top of it. Appeal denied.
  3. Yes, slayer is really good, in the late game, early game it will cost money to level or be really slow. I recommend going and getting full graceful, then start questing and getting all of your quest BIS items unlocked. After that you have so many more opportunities and land and monsters to kill. Getting most of your quest complete will unlock the highest money makers in the game.
  4. Yes, he has a quest guide for every quest. There is a link out there to watch his guides in order so you can basically start on a fresh account
  5. Google slayermusiqs quest guide order and start knocking out quests. This is the best way to level early game. Your first goal should be getting full graceful and then going for barrows gloves which come from the recipe for disaster quest line. Also, learn how to do farming runs for passive income along with birdhouse runs for more passive money and hunter exp.
  6. Great post with a lot of helpful information. Thank you for taking the time to write this up, stickied.
  7. After further investigation, I have decided to unban you. The evidence I had on you wasn't enough/lacking hence why I didn't ban you. But, seeing as Solo did and can't provide/has lost the evidence, your account will be unbanned. Remember, we are ALWAYS watching and aware of what goes on in the server. If you are ever caught cheating, you WILL be banned permanently. -Teddy
  8. Mr.Solo Dolo banned you after I asked him to look into you. Unfortunately, his evidence got lost but I have mine from last night. Exhibit #1: Watch the Flicks/Snaps Once I find my other few videos, I'll update those in.
  9. TeddyBears

    Unban LK-520

    Appeal denied. You can re-apply to be unbanned in 1 months time.
  10. Appeal DENIED. You can re-apply to be unbanned in 2 months.
  11. Thanks for all the support and we hope you enjoy your stay here!
  12. Although we don't have rules about what you can and can't say, we do have rules about harassing and flaming people. This appeal is accepted and he has been banned for 1 week. Thank you for the report.
  13. Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.
  14. Congratulations @Josh. You have won the video contest!
  15. The holiday video contest CSi was hosting has come and gone. Now it's time for everyone to vote on which video they thought was the best! Hopefully the next event will have better participation so we can hand out more and cooler rewards! Below I've attached all the submitted videos that are NUMBERED corresponding to their poll option. Please vote on the video you think deserves to win! 1.) Mr Solo Dolo's Video: 2.) Josh's Video: 3.) Lich King's Video: 4.) Hannibal Buress's Video: Please take a second to watch all of them and decide on which one you think deserves to win! The poll will close on December 24, 2018! Winners will be announced on December 25, 2018! The prizes are: 1st Place: Gold rank, credits needed for gold rank and any weapon of choice in-game (only guns that regular players can use) 2nd Place: VIP rank, credits needed for vip rank and any weapon of choice in-game (only guns regular players can use) If a winner already has some or all of the above listed prizes, they can either chose to: A. Donate some or all of the winnings to somebody else, B. Accept a partial and we'll figure out something else, C. Deny any rewards. Thank you to everyone who helped make a video and who submitted videos! The staff here @ CSi hopes that we can do more of these. That being said, Happy Holidays!
  16. Appeal denied, you can try again in 2 weeks.
  17. Appeal denied due to inactivity. Feel free to try again when you come back.
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