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    First of all, you posted this in the wrong sub-forum and didn't use the template. Second of all, you were banned originally by Dan and then Xavier unbanned you. The very next day, I catch you cheating again. "Appeal" denied.
  2. Are you still interested in joining?
  3. After discussing your application between council and getting input from admins, we've decided to go ahead an accept you application. We have a lot of high hopes for you and clearly you are very dedicated and want to contribute to CSi. With that being said, welcome to the team!
  4. Lol. Clearly you are still possessed. Appeal denied and no further chance for appeal, ever.
  5. I've changed your name but typically, we don't want people changing names often. It makes tracking members a pain in the butt. That's why any name changes on the forums come through official channels.
  6. EDIT: I'm going to undeny this for the time being, until I get home and can look at the evidence better and not on a phone screen.
  7. TeddyBears


    Application denied due to inactivity.
  8. Application denied due to inactivity.
  9. I've heard good things about you and I've personally not had any issues with you, application accepted.
  10. After some review, we've decided to deny your application. Work on making a better name for yourself and apply again when you feel like you meet all the requirements.
  11. This decision is final and there is no chance of appealing it. You will have to wait out your ban. Appeal denied.
  12. TeddyBears

    Unban RHID2

    Obviously hacking and lying on top of it. Appeal denied.
  13. Yes, slayer is really good, in the late game, early game it will cost money to level or be really slow. I recommend going and getting full graceful, then start questing and getting all of your quest BIS items unlocked. After that you have so many more opportunities and land and monsters to kill. Getting most of your quest complete will unlock the highest money makers in the game.
  14. Yes, he has a quest guide for every quest. There is a link out there to watch his guides in order so you can basically start on a fresh account
  15. Google slayermusiqs quest guide order and start knocking out quests. This is the best way to level early game. Your first goal should be getting full graceful and then going for barrows gloves which come from the recipe for disaster quest line. Also, learn how to do farming runs for passive income along with birdhouse runs for more passive money and hunter exp.
  16. Great post with a lot of helpful information. Thank you for taking the time to write this up, stickied.
  17. After further investigation, I have decided to unban you. The evidence I had on you wasn't enough/lacking hence why I didn't ban you. But, seeing as Solo did and can't provide/has lost the evidence, your account will be unbanned. Remember, we are ALWAYS watching and aware of what goes on in the server. If you are ever caught cheating, you WILL be banned permanently. -Teddy
  18. Mr.Solo Dolo banned you after I asked him to look into you. Unfortunately, his evidence got lost but I have mine from last night. Exhibit #1: Watch the Flicks/Snaps Once I find my other few videos, I'll update those in.
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