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Moderator Application Template


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Steam Name:

Steam ID:


How long have you been playing our server(s)?:

Which server do you play most?:

Have you ever been banned?

Whats your experience staffing?: 

What makes you different from other applicants?:

Reputable names that recommended you as a Moderator: 

~~~DayZ Scenarios~~~

A player has posted a slur in global chat after being previously warned, what do you do?:

A player has threatened to grab another players IP address and DDOS them, what do you do?:

You have witnessed a staff member using their powers to gain a unfair advantage multiple times, what do you do?:

A player has been cheating on the server all day but you aren’t able to permanently ban them, what do you do?:

A player has come online and spammed server advertisements and racial slurs in chat, what do you do?:

~~~DarkRP Scenarios~~~

A player has been ramming other players with his/her car all day, what do you do?:

A group of players have been targeting a smaller group of players and raiding them every half hour, what do you do?:

You see a police officer taxiing his friends around the map and basing with them, what do you do?:

A player advertises he is doing an event at the bank in chat, when everyone arrives he kills everyone and disconnects, what do you do?:

Someone has reported a small group of players exploiting and duplicating items for in-game cash, what do you do?:

Feel free to leave any other information or comments here if you wish:


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