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GMODZ Server Rules


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These rules apply to the forums, all of our game servers and general member interaction.

1. Don't be an idiot.

  • Use common sense. Don't start pointless fights or big dick contests
  • No NSFW/NSFL content outside of the discord NSFW channel. AKA No NSFW/NSFL in game servers either.

2. Be drama-free.

  • Drama of any kind will not be tolerated. We will also punish those who fuel the fire rather than staying out of it.
  • Do not harass other players or community members.
  • Deliberate passive aggressiveness will not be tolerated either.

3. Absolutely no gossip related to other communities.

  • We do realize we are in a competitive market. However, this is no reason to act childish.
  • Be respectful of other communities and the work that has been put into them.
  • If a serious matter needs to be addressed, please send a private message directly to a council member and refrain from discussing it publicly.

4. Usage of slurs of any kind is not tolerated

  • It's 2019, people have become real entitled pussies. Everyone gets offended easily and no one knows why.
  • If you're 14, just discovered 4chan and your sole intent is to offend people, find some time to mature up elsewhere.
  • Do not purposefully attempt to detour the automated chat censorship. 

5. Report any bugs to the developers

  • Abusing bugs rather than reporting them will lead to a permanent ban.



1. No usernames or conversations relating to Garry's Mod cheats

2. Don't mic spam in the safe zone

3. Do not kill yourself or let your friends kill you whilst you are a bounty. Doing so will lead to punishment.

4. Administrators are normal people as well, don't get upset if they don't respond right away

5. Trade scamming and other toxic behaviors will not be tolerated


Keep in mind, ultimately, the admin team will interpret and give warnings/punishments as they see fit depending on the situation.

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