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DarkRP Beta Updates


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The DarkRP Beta will be updated frequently. I'm going to use this forum post as housing for note worthy changes. You can click "Follow" in the top-right corner of this post to get notifications.

  • Disallowed Police from using a furnace/woodcutting
  • Removed pistol from Cadet
  • Buffed Arrest Speed and dragging Speeds
  • Added approximately 40 spawnpoints for mining near the river
  • Fixed farming plot water overflowing during rain
  • Reduced smelt time from 100s to 50s
  • Police will receive XP every paycheck
  • Increased Walk/Run Speed however reduced stamina xp reward by 20%
  • Potentially fixed furnace errors
  • Winner 1
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  • Fixed a potential error with the fishingrod when missing content
  • Disabled vehicle damage
  • Fixed max allowed not tracking correctly for farming plot
  • Fixed players being able to add stone and coal to furnaces
  • Fixed potential duplication glitch with furnaces
  • Increased baterringram level to 46
  • Force exit vehicle seats when vehicle is picked up with LALT + E
  • Add vehicle recovery system. ( Vehicles can be respawned if there's no players in it )
  • Increased 35 River RD price to 10k
  • Fixed some errors related to the door display
  • Bumped the starter cash to $1,750
  • Increased some mining levels for some ores
  • Add crafting support for LED light
  • Reduced XP Boost time to 30 mins ( Sorry this is to help increase total play time)
  • Changed market overhead to Purchase & Sell Items
  • Added spike strip to police officer and sergeant
  • Increased level requirement for officer and sergeant
  • Added taser to police officer and sergeant
  • Increase fishingrod crafting requirements ( 1 more iron bar )
  • Fixed bank exploits.
  • Winner 1
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  • Fixed collision model of unzipped weed tent
  • Show RP name instead of steam name on owned doors
  • Fixed error related to property co-owners
  • Fixed properties not showing as "Owned" in the real estate shop menu
  • Fixed realestate menu breaking after making a purchase
  • Prevent players from suiciding with "kill" command
  • Raised seed prices by 20%
  • Added pickpocketing animation
  • Added item dropping animation
  • Fixed Radio's C menu not working for non-developers
  • Fixed radio static sound error for missing content
  • Fixed error on non-inventory item right click
  • Prevent players from referring themselves
  • Fixed script error with levels over 99
  • Fixed script error with amount prompt (Drop X / Split X)
  • Winner 1
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  • Potentially fixed an error where tent would be nil for weed pot
  • Added a Police Vehicle Repair NPC inside the PD Garage
  • Potentially fixed error related to weapon skins.
  • Adjusted some of the crafting requirements for ammo.
  • Changed sort order so seeds are displayed first in market.
  • Added a medkit and bandages to paramedic job.
  • Removed police vehicle from Cadet.
  • RPName is now showed by default on scoreboard. Hover to reveal steam name.
  • Reduced cuff time to .5 seconds.
  • Arrest reward has been knocked down to $20.
  • Potentially fixed exploit to quick enter cars.
  • Bail has been reduced to 300 per year.
  • Pickpocketing has been fixed and takes 12 seconds to successfully pickpocket.
  • HUD will now show jail time remaining.
  • Players will now automatically be put into a cell upon jailing.
  • Fishing prices have been adjusted.
  • Water loss for weed plants reduce 40% slower.
  • Job salaries have been adjusted and should now work.
  • Winner 1
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  • Disabled passenger drive-by
  • Disabled VCMod wrench
  • Fixed handcuffs spamming the cuff/uncuff action
  • Made handcuffs significantly easier to use
  • Fixed clothing disappearing when vehicles were removed
  • Made RP names used throughout the gamemode
  • Fixed premium colors overriding staff colors
  • Fixed icon sizing inconsistency in  credit store menu
  • Fixed vehicle max health inconsistency
  • Removed potential exploit with bank vault door
  • Add a minimum population count to robbing the bank
  • Love 1
  • Winner 2
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  • Added ambulance to medic job.
  • Fixed vehicle upgrades not equipping after purchase.
  • Increased the fence 2 crafting requirements by 1 wood.
  • Fixed scoreboard tags for administrators.
  • Disallowed selling if the player can't accept money into inventory.
  • Disallowed mining if the player can't accept the ore into inventory.
  • Disallowed woodcutting if the player can't accept the wood into inventory.
  • Wood cutting trees now display the wood type on the HUD.
  • Disabled pick pocketing for developer accounts. ( sorry sometimes we test things live that require in-game $ )
  • Fixed an error related to the DXans container.
  • Fixed some misc errors related to timers with the weed tent and weed rack.
  • Updated the descriptions for weed items so they're more user friendly.
  • Fixed door groups for police.
  • Tazer rounds can now be refilled in the PD.
  • Players receive 75% of their realestate purchase back on disconnection.
  • Bump total ores on map from 75 to 90.
  • Winner 1
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  • Restricted hatchet and pickaxe to be swung only on their respective entities
  • Fixed clientside lua error with grow tent networking
  • Fixed job weapons slot # to be #4 all the time
  • Added a basic placeholder world map (currently shows player location and properties)
  • Improve base building and entity placement penetration checks
  • Fixed a bug where grow tents would spawn underneath the floor
  • Fixed death ragdolls duplicating
  • Prevent non-furniture entities  from being moved up/down
  • Added radio to firefighter and medic jobs
  • Love 1
  • Winner 1
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  • Increased starting cash to $2,500.
  • Fixed crafting exploit/glitch.
  • Added 2 Quad Bikes
  • Adjusted the radio fonts.
  • Added secure channels to the radio.
  • Increased respawn time to 80 seconds. ( Gives Paramedics more time to respond )
  • Fixed bug where spike strips wouldn't remove themselves after changing jobs.
  • Made it easier to see player overheads.
  • Added an M16 to Police Sergeant job.
  • Added Ram to Police Officer and Sergeant.
  • All jobs should receive XP on paycheck.
  • Reduced vehicle health from 3190 to 2100.
  • Reduce price of vehicle repair kit from $800 to $500.
  • Increased the price of Alprazolam to $350.
  • Set max Pill Press per player to 1.
  • Fixed strobe light LEDs
  • Added Medic/Firefighter vehicle repair NPc
  • Removed teapot from scavenge list
  • Added credit store masks in clothing stop
  • Winner 2
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  • Fixed serverside realestate owner issue
  • Fixed co-owner realestate building
  • Fixed can't afford real estate / credit store items
  • Added custom vehicle script parser to spot errors
  • Improved admin quickteleport menu
  • Finished database work for daily tasks
  • Fixed car handling for most cars (Will need to go back and fix accel / top speeds of most cars soon)
  • Added Mini Cooper S and Countryman
  • Increased Crafting experience reward
  • Make car upgrades menu close 
  • Winner 1
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  • Adjusted the medic salary to $22.
  • Added a dealway driver job.
  • Fixed a scoreboard error on player disconnect.
  • Added a Dealway recruitment NPC.
  • Added in a package delivery system inside the shipping building.
  • Fixed some bugs related to pickpocketing.
  • Disabled damage for Ram against players.
  • Reduced search time from 4s to 3.5s.
  • IC chat will not show "Masked Player" if a player is wearing a mask.
  • Reduced the price of Alprazolam.
  • Increased crafting XP reward again.
  • Added additional vehicle spawn points at dealways building.
  • Added vehicle parts to scavenging list.
  • Removed teapot from scavenging list.
  • Disabled dropping of paramedic vehicles.
  • Added a /me command.
  • Grow tent fans now require drug skill level.
  • Increased the amount of searchable locations on the map from 35 to 50.
  • Winner 1
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