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DarkRP Server Rules - Updated 10/8/2020


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These rules apply to the forums, all of our game servers and general member interaction.

1. Don't be an idiot.

  • Use common sense. Don't start pointless fights or big dick contests
  • No NSFW/NSFL content outside of the discord NSFW channel. AKA No NSFW/NSFL in game servers either.

2. Be drama-free.

  • Drama of any kind will not be tolerated. We will also punish those who fuel the fire rather than staying out of it.
  • Do not harass other players or community members.
  • Deliberate passive aggressiveness will not be tolerated either.

3. Absolutely no gossip related to other communities.

  • We do realize we are in a competitive market. However, this is no reason to act childish.
  • Be respectful of other communities and the work that has been put into them.
  • If a serious matter needs to be addressed, please send a private message directly to a council member and refrain from discussing it publicly.

4. Usage of slurs of any kind is not tolerated

  • It's 2019, people have become real entitled pussies. Everyone gets offended easily and no one knows why.
  • If you're 14, just discovered 4chan and your sole intent is to offend people, find some time to mature up elsewhere.
  • Do not purposefully attempt to detour the automated chat censorship. 

5. Report any bugs to the developers

  • Abusing bugs rather than reporting them will lead to a permanent ban.


General Rules:
1. Treat other players with respect. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. You may not harass other players.
2. Cheating in any form is not allowed. This includes abusing any bug that is found which allows for an unfair advantage.
3. You may not scam other players. However, flipping and trading items is acceptable.

Roleplay Rules:
1. Handle a roleplaying situation similar to how you would in real life.

2. Any conversation that could occur during roleplay should take place in-game and not in third party voice communication applications (AKA No metagaming). This includes using OOC for RP purposes.

3. Roleplay Names must be realistic. Names of public figures are not allowed.

4. You may not purposely disconnect to avoid a roleplaying situation. (E.g being arrested, mugged, raided, etc)

5. You may not perform any action that could potentially prevent other players from roleplaying correctly.

6. Respect NLR. You may not return to the same roleplaying scenario after death. You must also forget what happened in your previous life. The time for NLR is 5 minutes after you respawn.

7. If a player points a firearm at you or visually threatens your life in any way you must follow FearRP. FearRP indicates you must follow their commands and roleplay as if your life is at risk. This can be combated if you have an immediate way to defend yourself. 

8. You are required to perform your job’s duty.

  • Paramedics must attempt to save all players regardless of who they are.
  • Police must arrest any player found doing something illegal.
  • Firefighters must attempt to put out every fire.
  • Any non-citizen job (Police, Firefighter, Paramedic) may not be associated in promoting illegal activities in any way. 
  • You must report any illegal activities to the correct authorities

Player vs Player:
1. You may not commit acts of terrorism.

  • Using a vehicle to kill bystanders.
  • Shooting multiple random people not in self defense ( RDM ).
  • This rule is left up to interpretation to the administrators based on the current situation / context

2. You may not successfully mug the same player twice in a day.

  • You have to use the in-game mugging system built into the player interaction system. If you can't mug with the interaction menu, then you can't mug that player. ( This is for logging purposes and to ensure new players are not mugged. )
  • Additionally you may only mug players for money.
  • A successful mug is when you have the player drop the specified amount of money in chat.
  • If you are a accomplice to the mugging, you may not mug that player again that same day as well.
  • If you mug without using the interaction system this will be considered Fail RP and the player does not have to follow any commands.

3. You may not kill players without any roleplaying intent. Repeatedly killing the same player multiple times may be considered harassment.

4. You may only raid the same player(s) once per hour.

  • You may only take physical items during a raid.

5. When encountered by the police for a suspected crime, you must act as if it were real life.

  • If the police member asks you to exit the vehicle while you are not moving, you must comply unless you are able to immediately contest the police with a weapon. Failure to do so will result in the evasion of FearRP.

Job Rules:

  1. You must arrest any player performing anything illegal.
  2. You may not perform nor be associated with illegal actions when roleplaying as a job under the police category.
  3. Things that are illegal:
  • Shooting a gun in a public area.
  • Wearing a Mask in a public area.
  • Holding and pointing a firearm at other players.
  • Stealing from other players.
  • Threatening another player’s life.
  • Robbing the bank
  • Pickpocketing
  • Damaging Public or Private Property.
  • Making/Distributing or using Drugs.

Fire Fighter:

  1. You may not perform nor be associated with any illegal actions when roleplaying as a job under the firefighter category.
  2. You must try your very best to put out every fire.


  1. You may not perform nor be associated with any illegal actions when roleplaying as a job under the paramedic category
  2. You must try your very best to revive every player until labeled dead.
  3. You must wait until a raid is finished before attempting to revive any knocked-out players.

Raiding Rules:

  1. You are not required to announce a raid before raiding.
  2. If you die, you may not return to a raid that is in progress until it is finished.
    • Raids are "finished" when the raiders are killed or leave the property.
    • You may not intentionally delay a raid and prevent players from returning by staying inside of the building longer than you need to.
  3. You are not allowed to utilize any world props to bypass doors or hop over fences.
  4. You are not allowed to boost over fences using other players.
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