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Unban Request


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I didn't play for very long, about a week

I was banned only on other servers, but all these bans were issued for violations of the RP rules


I was banned because I logged in with third-party software to gain an advantage over other players.

I realized that I had done very badly by logging into your server with cheats, because a week ago I was playing with friends, and we had a lot of fun, and at some point I wanted to get an advantage over other players and downloaded the first software I came across. I am very sorry about this, and if I could turn back the clock, I would never do it.
I ask for your mercy, and further disassembly, I will never play on your server with cheats again, I just want to play with friends on your server.

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Hello. Originally you were banned for cheating more specifically but not listed anti-screengrab. You can see here the borders of your screen are hidden which is a type of anti-screengrab cheaters use. You have been honest in your appeal and upfront so I am willing to revoke the ban with some consideration from the other staff members first. Best of luck +1


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