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Mapping & Teaming Guide for Beginners


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Hello, so you spawn in at an unknown location. Whether it's your first time playing or if you have played previously, you may not know where you're at. These pictures below will explain almost about everything to do with the map and teaming.

Hold "M" in order to see the map.

This is you


A little white dot. This shows your constant location anytime, anywhere. 



This is the big o'l csi dayz map. The main known locations are labeled above. Some people may call these places different names but these are the most known names to the location.

If you're looking to find action, or even people to meet with and form a group, or just people in general because sometimes it seems dead as fuck. (even when 30+ people are on)

  • School
  • Tower
  • Military
  • Hospital
  • Stalker
  • Hotel

This isn't all of the map, there is an underground area that features bunkers as seen below.819908376_UndergroundLayoutLabeled.jpg.6cbe0c697741a1729437ffdc543f81ab.jpg

All the "pink circles" are entrances that will lead you into sewers, then further on into bunkers. They look exactly like this.


There is one entrance into sewer that cannot be seen on the map. Its is located on the 1st floor of Hospital's east wing. This is the elevator shaft, down to the sewer entrance.


These are all the entrances into sewer, that will lead you into the bunker. Other than the entrance next to Theater, which is a huge opening in the ground, it can't be missed.

So, now you know most of the Can't Stand Idiots Gmod DayZ map. Lets introduce teams/groups.


This is the group menu. You can access this group menu by pressing "F3". If you are invited into someone's group, a message will display on the middle left of your screen (where the chat is found) stating that {Other Players Name} has invited you to their group! Press "F6" to accept that invitation.


In this menu, on the left side you are able to select the names of the specified player you are wanting to invite to your group. Click on their name and then click "Invite". On the right side of the menu, you are given different options you can use in your group. You can kick members in your group, you can demote players from leader to member & etc. Making a group member a leader will give them permissions to invite other player to you're group.

A group leaders color dot on your map will display as a "purple dot" as seen below.


If you are invited to a group, and then proceed to join, the creator of the group's color dot will display as a "green dot" as seen below.


You can change the color dot of the specified player by clicking on the player's name in your group, and then clicking the little white box that is to the right of "disband group".

Bounties and Pre-Bounties color dots will appear on the map as well. Once a player receives 18 kills in a row, they will become a Pre-Bounty, their location will be shown every 15 ish seconds. Once a player becomes a Bounty, their dot will also appear on the map but will be a different color than the Pre-Bounty. Their location will be shown every 15 ish seconds also

This is the Pre-Bounty's color dot. It is an orange-ish color.


This is the Bounty's color dot. It is a deep red.



Onto the last thing, it's the safezone.                     yes, there is a safezone on this server.                    no it is not a walk-in safezone.

So the safezone is only accessible by a "Scroll Of Safety"

This is what the Scroll looks like 

scroll.png.a5d2afc0d1c4917060580c3790ee23e6.png 1414355035_Scrollinv.png.ca41528565a5327e373fddd5c28f2600.png

Picking this up will transfer it into your inventory, press "Q" to open your inventory. Click on the scroll and you will be teleported to the safezone. If you have just recently killed another player, you must wait a maximum of 80 seconds until you will be able to scroll. Once you're ready, click on the scroll and watch the magic happen before your eyes.


Congrats, you have survived and made it to the lovely safezone. Safezone.thumb.png.7373dee13f4f2d26ddf1e17090e4624b.png

In the safezone you will be able to access a "bank" where you can store your items, you can access those items anytime you want when you're in the safezone. You can also sell items, guns, ammo, food & etc to the shopkeeper in the safezone and gain money. It's a VERY good option to store your money in your bank and save up so you can buy attachments, perks, or items that people sell to the shopkeeper. When you're ready to leave the safezone you can either fly to the sides or all the way to the top of the safezone to leave. You can even leave by clicking on "Leave Safezone" when you press "E" on the safezone's shopkeeper.

Well, I think that you're ready to get out there and kick some ass, especially with your group. I hope that you will enjoy your experience on the Can't Stand Idiots Gmod DayZ server. Now that you know about maps and teaming. Peace out girl scout.

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