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    Player Name: SodoMaZo

    Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:527662774

    Age: 16

    Which server do you play the most: CSI DayZ

    How long have you been playing on our server(s): for a couples of months

    Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: i was never banned

    What are you able to bring to the CSi community: A good mood on the server, joy, humor, something that makes sure that when others come to play, they disconnect with a good memory of the server. On the server I like to team up with others I am also Friendly if anyone wants us to team up I gladly accept.

    Who (if anyone) referred you to apply: Nobody, but i will say CSI. Black make me want to apply

    Any other information you want to include is welcome: The DayZ Mode is a game mode that I like and I only play on 2 servers, this one and another one and I much prefer this one the concept is unedited, the rewards are well think the players its active (20-30 person logging in per day), and being part of the CSI would be an honor for me.

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Due to lack of replies I am going to have to deny this appeal. Try showing more activity in the community and branching out. If you wish to apply in the future I recommend showing a presence in the server, discord, and forums if you wish to have a good chance at being accepted. 

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