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Cali doo doo & pea treat attempt rdm


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Username: cali doo doo & pea treat

Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): dont have this information

What time & date was the occurrence: 11/10/2020

What server is this for?: City rp

Was an Admin/Moderator online?(if so, who?): George - not asked to deal with it

How long have they been playing on our server(s): no info

Have they ever been banned? If so, tell us why: cali and pea im sure have had previous bans (at least their group def had)

If they have been banned, how many times?: no info

Explain your story: Me and the boys in the British empire just finished growing and packed up shop, we leave out base and found some of pea's gang chilling outside the next house. We look at them and a cop rolls pass - when the cop leaves i get shot at even when i had no intent of shooting them. Knightly does pull his gun in the vid but puts it away as i told him to. In the end they shot me for no reason and claimed it was because we live there. We were outside on the sidewalk and im pretty sure you cant kill a guy for being outside and calling it a "raid". 

Was anyone with you at the time? (eyewitness): Hellfish - Cleetus and knightly - Harry

Provide critical and usable evidence (videos, pictures, recordings): https://youtu.be/TPCSI_PckR4

What length of a punishment do you feel necessary?: atleast a day for pea and a longer time for cali (he does this often)

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