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  1. just kidding. hi dude
  2. CrazyGod write two people, it's peatreat, he's causing trouble during gameplay, great shooting, btw. and TeddyBears, it seems to me that he is quite friendly ❤️
  3. +1 about idea when death music can be turn off
  4. you can add stages before becoming a full-fledged bandit, or a hero (friendly) really need to come up with names for all of this. it would be foolish to make you either a bandit or a friendly one. btw, you can make more expensive the prices in the store for the bandits, what would be the incentive becomes a friendly (to them the same discount in the store) not quite imagine this perk system, how it will be implemented, and whether it is unbalanced
  5. CrazyGod fun fact: i'm interested in military subjects STEAM_0:1:85027797 (am i late? D:)
  6. CrazyGod


    hi. decided to write a post. i will play on this project until it is closed, i think. pretty fun play here. and i thought, why not roll into this community? i'd say about itself that i from Russia (here all normally belong to russian?), i like to play games and communicate with different people, especially with foreigners, the mentality of other countries has always been interesting for me. i will not write a lot here, but if you have something interesting to ask me, you can write about it here. nice to meet you all. (here a little nice bunny)
  7. CrazyGod


    is it possible to find a compromise if both sides cannot agree? is it possible to mitigate the punishment
  8. CrazyGod


    this is similar to the arrangement administration. unwanted strong player interferes with play safely. and maybe that's not true. who knows?
  9. CrazyGod


    unban him, he really don't a cheater

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