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  1. Reading throughout this app I can see that you are genuine in your apologies. I personally don't think that you would hack again if granted the ability to join the server. Although what I'm struggling with is the amount of evasions that were attempted before creating this appeal. I think you should be given a duration ban of the staffs choosing due to the amount of evasions as this is an entirely different situation than just hacking. Actions have consequences and ban evading is one of them. -1
  2. I've gotten to know Cyrus over the past few weeks and he seems genuine and sincere about his apology. Given that this was 2 years ago I would be okay with this ban being lifted as he didn't try to evade nor lied about cheating. Everyone makes mistakes and I believe you deserve another chance. Good Luck +1
  3. After reading the previous appeal I understand it now.
  4. I'm not sure we have officially met as I do not remember meeting you at all. I do believe that this appeal is sincere. However, the problem I have personally is the ban evasion attempt that was made recently which has me questioning whether or not you should be unbanned. Given that this evasion attempt was significantly recent, It leads me to believe that this appeal was your last resort because the family sharing would not allow you to play. I'm gonna need more time to evaluate the situation and come to my decision, for now. Neutral. https://gyazo.com/57ffffc77e9ef4cb656773089b28b825
  5. Honestly this is a well written application. Just by reading your scenarios I can tell you have had staffing experience in the past. I remember seeing you back in the day on cherno. I’m not sure we teamed at all but in the few interactions I have had, you seem like a chill guy. As much as I’d like to plus 1 this app, I still feel the need to meet you and get to know you a little further whether that be in game or in discord. Get my attention in game and or in discord and we can do a couple of runs together. Good luck. Neutral
  6. For those of you who don’t know, Pancake Jenkins is my brother. He’s been active throughout the server for a while. I think Pancake would be a great addition to the community. +1
  7. I can’t say I’ve had any form of interaction with you at all. I myself have been playing CSi. For 5-6 years give or take. I’d like to get to know you before rating this application. Swing by discord and or shoot me a pm in game. Good Luck, Neutral After playing with you and getting to know you a little more personally, I can say that I wouldn't mind seeing him as a member. From what I have seen, you have been fairly active and friendly to other members throughout the server. Keep up the good work, Good Luck. +1
  8. Kalder

    Zero's member app

    I can say from playing against Zero that he is a pretty good player. He is most definitely active on the server. Overall I can see you as a great fit in the CSi. Community. I'd like to see you more active via discord and socializing with players throughout the community a bit more. Good Luck. +1
  9. Kalder

    Unban request

    I would like to thank you for your appeal and using the template provided. Here are the clips I have of you blatantly using Aim Assistance/ESP.
  10. I personally have not met nor talked with you in any way. Maybe next time you see me on shoot me a message and or hop in discord sometime. I’d love to get to know you before rating this app. Neutral for now. After getting to know Aleksandr a little more. I've come to a conclusion that he is a really cool guy. He seems pretty friendly and is pretty active. I wouldn't mind seeing him as apart of the CSi. Community. Good Luck! +1
  11. Kalder

    Unban request

    Firstly I'd like to thank you for making an appeal. Although we do have a template which makes things much more professional and neat. Here are the clips I have of the frequent snaps some of which are in slow mo.
  12. As you play you will learn that more than likely you will get turned on. I usually drop a scroll as they can’t do much but go to safe zone with it.
  13. Kalder


    That's awesome! It is nice to see new faces :). If you need help with anything and or simply just want to team up, shoot me a message! Gmod Day-Z is pretty fun :D.
  14. Never played with the dude but I can say he is active. Have never talked with him personally. Neutral for now. Dm me on discord and or message me in game and I’d be glad to team up for a little and get to know you. Looking forward to changing my vote in the future! I have gotten the chance to talk with Lush and he seems like a really chill dude. I haven't had any problems with him being "toxic" nor anything along the lines. I think Lush would be a great fit to the CSi. Community. +1 Good luck.

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