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  1. You initially lied in your appeal by saying you didn't use hacks and then attempted to ban evade. After you realized you couldn't, you sent me a DM admitting to cheating and asking for yet another chance.



    Appeal denied.



  2. Great suggestions.

    I believe #2 is already coming in some sort of fashion later on (it's on our radar)

    I feel like #1 could be added in some way as well. Would be interested in hearing thoughts on the other perks.


  3. I'm not sure you're being quite honest here.

    Looks like to me like I banned you at 9:45 here:



    You then got on an alt or maybe your "friend/brother" got banned by @Georgehere on this account just a few hours later at 12:03 : 



    Then back on your original account there are all these blocked attempts for above alt?:



    All on the same IP address i might add. So, whatever your story is, it's definitely not truthful. 


    Appeal denied.






  4. Unfortunately, you have been caught in a lie in your appeal. Third-person mode has always been disabled and never an option to play with. The ONLY WAY to access third-person is with a third party program AKA a cheat. So, you having admitted to just using it confirms you were cheating. Now, I can understand wanting to play, but it tends to go better for most people when they don't start their appeal with a lie.

    In most cases, I would have been willing to give you another chance seeing how this was almost two years ago. But, the honesty in your appeal has got me questioning that.  I will be denying this appeal. If you truly wish to play again, make another appeal in two weeks. Next time I recommend being completely honest.


  5. My apologies for taking so long to respond, I'm a very busy IRL and can go weeks without checking up on things. I recently formatted some of my hard drives and it looks like not just yours, but all of my evidence was lost. For that reason, I will be lifting your ban along with your friends. Keep in mind we are always watching so don't blow this chance.



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