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C.I.A Director Old Doctor

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Let's just note your admin teddy is a fucking low life loser doesnt matter what I say on here I am already ban. Because I stated my opinion on what should happen to people who dobt pay coders. And teddy is a scared little bitch because i know people who can down servers and hack files who cares grow up teddy you punk faggot bitch its 2019 every 11 year old can hack fucking idiot bans me for my opinion and I will negatively promote ur server just because the shit trash way you handled things. Bye teddy fucking loser.

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You sound a bit salty.





This is what i bothered quickly digging up. Also, supposedly, you were threatening to DDOS. I didn't get sent the pictures so I won't say IF you did or not, but if I get them, I'll be sure to add them here.

End of the day, you were banned for saying stupid shit in global and breaking tons of rules. You've played long enough to know what those are so there is no excuse.


EDIT: Yiiiikesssss




Later, dumbass.

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