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  1. Let's just note your admin teddy is a fucking low life loser doesnt matter what I say on here I am already ban. Because I stated my opinion on what should happen to people who dobt pay coders. And teddy is a scared little bitch because i know people who can down servers and hack files who cares grow up teddy you punk faggot bitch its 2019 every 11 year old can hack fucking idiot bans me for my opinion and I will negatively promote ur server just because the shit trash way you handled things. Bye teddy fucking loser.
  2. well you have to be online to trade lol im giving everyone a equal chance to connect through forums and trade that way. you never said you were a trader on the forums just in game ;) thats why i made this forum Store so players can find stuff easier when players arent on the server.
  3. +1 i say give him a chance again. a fair player is a good player.
  4. Trade Status: Active 1. [C.I.A Director] Old Doctor 2. Buying .50BMG ammo 3. Buying for $250 Ea looking for x10 for 2.5k message me in game or steam or discord.
  5. Hello, Everyone i play a lot on the server thats an understatement i live on the server 😉 so i did not see a Store or Anything like a black market here on the forums so this is just a Little Start up Business. Please Follow the Layout 😉 1. Name in game 2. Item you are buying or Selling 3. Asking price or What item you want. 4. meet with person online and do the trade and please Edit your Post saying Sold or Bought thank you.
  6. Hello, everyone i thought i would make a small guide to help others out. regarding gun prices. *Please Note Prices May Vary due to players Selling At what they think is fair but here is a rough estimate of what i have paid and what others pay for Some weapons Around the game. [Rare Rifles] M82 .50 Cal - Price:$Player Set Price [Rare Only found from Air drop so far that i know of.] SR-25 - Price: $2k - $2.5k [Rare] M24 - Price: $1k - $3k [Rare] G3A3 - Price: $1k - $1.5k [Rare] RPK-47 - price: $500 - $1k [uncommon] [Note this gun comes with a bipod attachment on it.] ------------------------------------ [Common Rifles] Ak-47 - Price:$100 Ak-12 - price:$100 RK-95 - Price: $100 G36C - Price: $50 FAMAS-F1 - Price: $50 M4A1 - Price: $100 SKS - Price: $100-$150 AN-94 - Price: $100-$150 IMI GALIL - Price: $100-$250 AK-74 - Price: $100-$200 SG-552 - Price: $200 SG-550 - Price: $200 ----------------------------------- [Smg's Common/uncommon ] MAC - 11 [Uncommon] Price: $100-$250 MP5A5 - Price: $100 MP5SD6 - Price: $100 PP-Bizon - Price: $100 Uzi - Price: $100 ----------------------------------- [Pistol's Common/Uncommon] Raging Bull - Price: $100 Desert Eagle [Uncommon] - Price: $500 Glock-20 - Price: $25 M1911 - Price: $100 OTS-33 Pernach [Uncommon] - Price: $100-$250 [Note: This weapon has Full Auto as a pistol] P226 - Price: $1 ----------------------------------- [Shotgun's] KS-23 [Rare] price: - $Player Set Price [Its a really rare gun] Benelli M3 Super 90 - Price: $100 Remington - price: $50 TOZ-34 [Rare] Price: $7k - $8k
  7. -1 he is a young and lets anger over come his ability to think rationally therefore we get events like today bannable eh maybe if what was said was worse cause this is the internet and we all gonna hear stuff. Ram you should block and or remove him from communication. but i dont believe the youngster should get ban he has a lot to learn and more growing to do i remember when i was a angry gamer at one point in my life. ~~( perhaps a Warning Infraction )~~
  8. i play a lot on the server and even set up discord groups to play online together. i Personally Know Joe and hes in my group on other games fun to play with and i think he should get another chance to play fair on the server with everyone.

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