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Member, Veteran and Staff member guidelines


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Community Member Guidelines
The CSI Community members are expected to be upstanding members of the community and are held to a higher standard.

1. Respect, follow and enforce the rules.

  • Community members are allowed and encouraged to speak up when faced with other members or players that may be misbehaving.
  • If any situation cannot be solved through communication, community members should escalate the situation to the proper staff team.
  • Do not be complicit in other players or community members’ wrongdoings. Report any misconduct to staff members.

2. Proudly wearing the CSi. tag / name prefix on Steam is a requirement

  • Please note that when you are wearing the tag, you are representing the community as a whole.
  • Switching between different community tags is allowed but will raise questions about your dedication to CSI.

3. Abide by the general community rules not only on our servers, but everywhere else

  • Your actions in or outside of our servers can and will be misinterpreted as the views of CSI as a whole and not just you as a person.
  • Gross misconduct while wearing the CSi. tag will result in your tag getting revoked.

4. Be open minded and welcoming to new players

  • The main goal of the CSI membership program is to provide new players with a friendly and welcoming environment. 

5. Do not create or engage in organized sub-communities or cliques

  • Prefer the official channels over creating your own. If a niche channel or category is missing, contact council members to try and arrange something.
  • This means creating your own discord server or group with the goal of orchestrating your own hierarchy OR group of friends within the CSI community is not allowed. (I'm looking at you, "The Elite of CSI".) This creates segregation and robs us from the community feeling that this whole thing is about.

Veteran Community Member Guidelines
A veteran member is a respected member of the community. They have proven their dedication and respect for the community. There are currently no set in stone requirements for obtention. This title will be handed out on a case-by-case basis. 

Veteran members are held to the same standard as regular community members, with these additional restrictions:

1. The CSi. tag is mandatory at all times

  • Switching between different community tags is not permitted at all

Staff Guidelines
The CSI staff should represent the pinnacle of professionalism. Staff members are held to the same requirements as veteran members, with the following additions:

1. Staff may not bat a blind eye to rule breakers

  • Friends, acquaintances, community members, etc do not get any free passes

2. Staff members must do everything in their best effort to enforce the rules as swiftly as possible.

3. Staff members are expected to play as regular players until something goes wrong.

  • What we’ve noticed over the years is that once a member becomes part of staff, they lose interest in playing the game normally. This is very detrimental and creates fragmentation within the community.
  • Staff members should always focus on enjoying the game they love at the core before anything else. However, they may dedicate time solely to moderation and new player orientation, if they desire.

4. Proper punishment escalation should be followed in relation to the offense at hand

  • Cheaters or bug abusers deserve an instant permanent ban
  • Use the “least amount of force required” approach when dealing with a situation. (e.g Mute, Kick, Temporary ban)
  • When possible, try to use one of the following ban lengths: 1 hour, 6 hours (360 minutes), 24 hours (1440 minutes)
  • Bans longer than 3 days require a notification to council members along with an explanation of the situation
  • Bans longer than one week require council member consultation / approval

Game Integrity Disclaimer
We believe in a true and fair playing experience for everyone. We take a minimalistic approach to staff members’ access to in-game tools. This means staff members have absolutely NO access to things that could help them gain an unfair advantage, with the only exception being developers under strict conditions that do not affect their characters. Developers will NOT misuse these powers and are also expected to play as regular players.

This means administrators CANNOT: spawn any items including but not limited to [items, money, vehicles, skins, credits, donation perks, etc]

Administrators have access to the following tools: noclip, invisibility, teleportation, kick, mute, ban, administrator chat.

If you notice any misuse of administrator tools, please gather evidence and submit a report to the members of the Council. Reports will be handled smoothly with utmost discretion.

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