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General Community Rules


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These rules apply to the forums, all of our game servers and general member interaction.

1. Don't be an idiot.

  • Use common sense. Don't start pointless fights or big dick contests
  • No NSFW/NSFL content outside of the discord NSFW channel. AKA No NSFW/NSFL in game servers either.

2. Be drama-free.

  • Drama of any kind will not be tolerated. We will also punish those who fuel the fire rather than staying out of it.
  • Do not harass other players or community members.
  • Deliberate passive aggressiveness will not be tolerated either.

3. Absolutely no gossip related to other communities.

  • We do realize we are in a competitive market. However, this is no reason to act childish.
  • Be respectful of other communities and the work that has been put into them.
  • If a serious matter needs to be addressed, please send a private message directly to a council member and refrain from discussing it publicly.

4. Usage of slurs of any kind is not tolerated

  • It's 2019, people have become real entitled pussies. Everyone gets offended easily and no one knows why.
  • If you're 14, just discovered 4chan and your sole intent is to offend people, find some time to mature up elsewhere.
  • Do not purposefully attempt to detour the automated chat censorship. 

5. Report any bugs to the developers

  • Abusing bugs rather than reporting them will lead to a permanent ban.


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