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shad0w's unban appeal

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:527410340

Link to ban request (if there is one): N/A

Which server are you banned from?: GmodZ

How long have you been playing on our server(s): I played on the server for 10 days

Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why: no I have not been banned from any servers before

If you have been banned, how many times?: 1 time

Why do you think you were banned?: it said because I was associated with a hacker but I don't play with anyone I play solo the only time I was talking to someone was if I was going to kill someone and usually I was just collecting cash.

Why should we lift your ban?: because I was unaware he was cheating I have no reason to believe he was cheating I had never associated with him before I met him that exact day I was playing solo then I kill someone then all of a sudden I get banned the banned message said I was banned for being associated with  a hacker

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