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Куб компаньон

I was banned for cheats that i don't have

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10 hours ago, Куб компаньон said:

Steam username: Куб компаньон

Steam ID: 76561198048358419

Banned from GmodZ server

I did not go to the server for a very long time,but for all the time l played 8 months

This is my first ban

I was banned forever

Im my opinion I believe that the admin made a mistake and did not understand the situation ( no offense)

I don't want to lose the opportunity to   play on this server due to a misunderstanding

Short background :I was in a small forest  when I saw a man, I started shooting yo him,he appeated and disappeared from my field of view,but it the end he managed to escape and after that I was banned

(Translated using google translator)


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The situation was understood perfectly by the banning admin. Two attempts were made to screen grab you, on both of those occasions these are what came through.


If you click on the link, nothing appears apart from a small white box, whereas when someone is not using a program of sorts to block it, we get these, a shot of what the player can see.


Appeal Denied.

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