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Three New Perks

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Three perk ideas.

1. Magical Gift - Spawn with one scroll of safety everytime you respawn.  Essentially guarentees one trip to the safezone everytime you spawn.  Of course, you could tweak it to where there is only a 25 or 50 percent chance that you spawn with it, or that you cannot use it until 120 seconds have passed after spawning. 

2. Moon Shoes - Take reduced fall damage. Plain and simple.

3. Tough Grit - Make quieter/ no sound when taking damage.  Normally when you take damage your character will scream or make a noise with their mouth.  This perk either significantly reduces that noise or gets rid of it altogether.

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Great suggestions.

I believe #2 is already coming in some sort of fashion later on (it's on our radar)

I feel like #1 could be added in some way as well. Would be interested in hearing thoughts on the other perks.


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+1, plain and simple perks that can be good additions to the game for everyone to use. 

1 can be tweaked to work for sure

2 is a no brainer that should be added in already

3 is cool but would probably not appeal to a lot of people.


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