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Who's Unban Request


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When appealing your ban, please use the following template and fill out the fields in a way that will give us the most information to discuss your appeal.

Steam Username: WhoAsked

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:199403384

Link to ban request (if there is one): 

Which server are you banned from?: DayZ

How long have you been playing on our server(s): Few hours

Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why:  Ive been banned on the main server ive played with hundreds of hours 2 times. and maybe some from old dark rp servers a few years ago.

If you have been banned, how many times?: None from Csi

Why do you think you were banned?: I killed 2 people who pushed me. then while looting i saw a guy walk up take loot and run in a apartment. then when i walked in he peeked and i killed him. i don't think he got ammo. But then after i killed him he Said that i was walling. but i ignored him because he also accused 2 other people during the time ive played.

Why should we lift your ban?: False ban.

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You were originally banned by Rolchax for ESP. You chose to evade your ban which is what this ban was for. You may not have been cheating at all. However you still evaded which is against our rules and warrants you a permanent ban. I set the reason as cheating since that's essentially what your original ban was for.  If you want to genuinely enjoy the server without the use of cheats I recommend appealing after 2 or more weeks. With that being said I am going to close this appeal. Hopefully you make better choices in the future if you wish to continue playing on our servers.



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