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Fix the map, or change the map

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The map is half water, which is basically unusable, especially with FA:S weapons. The other half is full of people camping on roofs, and the spawns make it so you're at a strong disadvantage most of the time. Another issue is there's really no cover. It makes the roof camping issue way worse, and makes gameplay feel more like a roulette than skill based. Chernarus was an example of the perfect map, and I feel that the server should go back to that or Evo City until this one is fixed and made proper for the game mode.

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Can confirm. Map feels like a giant Call of Duty map, but with no cover. Plus one way windows are kinda gay, alongside with the metric fuckton of roof campers. The Ambient noises also should be toned way the hell down or be removed, as it is seriously distracting when you have to listen for foley sounds or footsteps. The one thing that would make it SIGNIFICANTLY better all around would be to just add some car's into the streets. Cars for cover would make this map legit 50x better.

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