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  1. Steam ID: "Wublub" STEAM_0:1:14737919 and "Oscar" STEAM_0:0:68353345 What time & date was the occurrence: ~12:30 AM Central Time What server is this for?: DayZ server Was an Admin/Moderator online?: No Explain your story: Dudes just calling a guy the n word hard r over and over in safe zone for no reason. Was anyone with you at the time? (eyewitness): see server list Provide critical and usable evidence (videos, pictures, recordings): (sorry was in a discord call, you can hear my mates talking during some parts) "Wublub" STEAM_0:1:14737919 https://streamable.com/z0d12r "Oscar" STEAM_0:0:68353345 https://streamable.com/5c9czy https://streamable.com/yxj8fu What length of a punishment do you feel necessary?: Maybe a temp gag? Maybe just tell them to not do that? I leave it up to staff's discretion, I'm new to the server and don't personally know anyone here well enough to know if its a repeat offender or how this is usually handled. Thanks!

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