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  1. Player Name: Jgarcia (AKA BoBoThyMonkey) Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:1:3731165 Discord username (user#1234): BoBoThyMonkey#0344 Age: 20 Which server do you play the most: Gmod Dayz How long have you been playing on our server(s): I first started playing on the server back in 2015 Have you ever been banned? If so, tell us why: I haven't been banned before What are you able to bring to the CSi community: I'm able to bring in good vibes and support for others while in game I can bring in goofs and jokes. Anything to make someone's day Who (if anyone) referred you to apply: CSi. Thunder Any other information you want to include is welcome: I make music as a hobby and want to make a career out of it. I love contributing to the RP aspect on the Gmod Dayz server cause you can make some little nice moments out of it. But I do take the PVP serious too sometimes. Usually if you catch me being "toxic" in game I'm just playing for the goofs and not really mad. Tarkov taught me not to grow attached to gear lmfao.
  2. Its towards the end of the video. Pretty cool. I remember seeing them on like a few days ago under Jennie.
  3. I would love to mane.
  4. Hello folks. It's me. Jgarcia. Didn't think I find myself back on here five years later from when I first joined the server then the community. I play on the server for about everything. The community, the pvp, the weird RP that occurs. I remember some of you from back in the day and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only veteran on here besides the staff. If there is one word that describes me its artist. I make music and now I began to dabble in writing and film. But yeah. I'm chill ig. Ye.

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