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  1. Of course. It just didn’t at all the best and some have agreed with me. My own activity has been lacking the past few as well due to school and starting a new job yesterday but it’s just I haven’t seen you on for a while besides when I saw you the other day when you got my bounty. You’re a very kind guy and would enjoy seeing you as a mod more than a admin to be totally honest. That’s my main reason for the -1. Not cause I don’t want you on staff entirely but rather see you as a mod to start.
  2. EDIT: -1 Although I believe you would be a good addition to the staff team, I don't think an admin position is right for you currently. Yes, you're active but not active enough. Also something that caught my attention were the 2 +1s coming from people on this app that have new accounts on the forum and their only posts being support for the app. @L Y N C H Y made his account account on the 16th of this month and their only post was a +1 on here less than 10 minutes after your app went up. Then you got @TheFlyWebwho made an account for the forums the same day you posted this application a
  3. -1 I just want to go on record and say I don’t hate you Teemo. I personally never had any rough experiences with you throughout my time in knowing him my whole playtime in the CSi. community dating back years ago. But as @Rolchax has stated, your toxic interactions with certain players in the server as well as members in the community have not gone unnoticed as well as your impulsive behavior when lashing out when something doesn't go your way has been quite hard to witness. The fact that you’re even able to make an appeal in the first place, as well as re-appeal in two more weeks, goes t
  4. -1 To be totally honest, I feel like the effort in this application is lackluster to say the least. Especially your answers for the scenarios don't have enough detail or don't go further on and just scrape the bare minimum in my eyes. You don't go ahead in detail into what consequences the culprit would face if they to further their acts. For example, for questions 1, 3, and 4. Plus I don't think being active for a little over a month back doesn't really warrant enough time back. However, I think you'd do great as an moderator. But yet again, the effort in the application just doesn't sit
  5. Jgarcia


    Welcome to the community dawg. I believe I've ran into you once or twice. If not then whoops. Hope you have pleasant experiences here 😁
  6. All love to you guys for your responses. All support means alot ❤️
  7. Neutral I've been active on the server for the past few weeks and not once have I had a solid interaction with you. I am more than certain I have battled you here and there but not much communication. I would like to see interact with you more whether its through talking in global, in sz or hopefully teaming. I wish you luck sir.
  8. Jgarcia

    Ethan Ban Appeal

    The movement of your aim seems somewhat normal as you shoot your first shots into the victim but then you can clearly see you lock onto their head to finish him off then proceeding to lock onto the unvisible player thats on the other side of the wall. Blatant hacks -1
  9. The anticheat never makes mistakes. I highly doubt that the anticheat just miraculously bans you for no reason. -1
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself. It's been over a year and half since your initial ban but seeing how you tried to evade your ban by using another account could be quite damming in the eyes of staff. I wish you luck sir. Neutral
  11. "Denied. You can be as honest as you wish but you chose to lie to me and another admin for 25 minutes straight. You knew exactly what you were doing could destroy a server and its economy permanently if we didn't have backups. You will never be unbanned." Given @phoon explanation issued in your OG appeal it does bring a whole new light to the situation that I think some can agree didn't take into perspective. The exploit could've damaged everything. Also wasn't aware of the lying that took place that was never brought up before I wrote my appeal and I feel idiotic personally for not thin
  12. I have been on most days for the past week and I don't recall having any interactions with you at all. As @Fehnraalsaid, I'd also recommend you become more active on the forums as well as the discord. You communication skills shouldn't be a problem at all! It'd be grea to have a member in the community that isn't from the NA or from Europe! I hope we can interact sooon! Neutral
  13. I feel it. I consider you a more than skillful player cause you always fuck on me haha.
  14. Personally, I don't think you should have your current punishment, but doesn't mean you don't deserve a strict punishment overall. I have never had a bad interaction with you on the server or in the community in general and would consider you a pretty nice guy, but I think it'd set a bad precedent if staff were to just let you off the hook easily. You are considered one of the more skilled pvp players in the community and seeing you get yourself in hot water like this is inexcusable in my eyes. You made the conscious decision to hack in the server in which you should face the consequences. I'l

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