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  1. But here's the problem, it was pointless for me to cheat, the more I have been playing on this project for a long time ...
  2. Steam Username: SLimon4ikS Steam ID: 123456456777 Link to ban request (if there is one): Not found Which server are you banned from?: GmodZ How long have you been playing on our server(s): About 1 year old Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? : Only for game situations, for example Nlr, rdm ... If you have been banned, how many times?: They never banned on this server, only on Russian servers for Dark RP, and then several times at the beginning of acquaintance with the game. Why do you think you were banned?: I'm don't know... Why should we lift your ban?:I don’t know why I was banned on this project, I didn’t play on it for about 2 months, since there were few players there, I never played with cheats on garrys's mod, I don’t even know how they look, in fact, I just go to the server today and I sit in a stupor because I was banned for nothing, I played for quite a lot of time until it was too much for me, and I want to go back to my favorite mode, because among all DayZ projects you have the best ..



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