The Fall Of The Lich King......

Discussion in 'Departures' started by Lich, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Lich

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    For all good things come to a end..... and this truly was one fun ride. I was shown this server through my friend SlayerkeyGaming, once he showed me this server I never got off it was the best thing I'd played for the longest time then suddenly it can to a stop. I've had a blast meeting the new and old members and players, Showing things to friends and foes, makin memories that I will keep, truly had a fun adventure in this community seeing the changes, the growth to the fall, hopefully it will make its giant comeback and hit #1 like we almost did back some time when we were #2. I have made GREAT friends in this community, memorial people that I hope to keep in touch with & some that I will just not forget. I hope that this community will gain its players back, but until then pce out. I am keepin the tag though ;) it's to remind myself what I gotta comeback to later ;). B4 I joined I really didn't do much this community actually effected me in real life, it got me more "Social" I guess I should say. This is truly one hell of a group that was here. All the people I met and all the people that left were truly one of a kind..... yes even Josh. (this may be mean but idgaf rn) I think that the fact everyone left is because every good player had EVER type of equipment and killed everyone like no tomorrow and that made people get off and never play again. (Just a thought) If this server swiped and had a clean plate and started to advertise itself out to the public we could easily get a ton of people and gain a bigger player base, but since everyone left and there are 0 people and the forums are inactive and any other person that plays b4 the fall doesnt want to play cuz there were "Cheaters" as they say play on the server and it's no fun. I will occasionally peek the forums and see if the server has players but not much. Thanks to all of you for being great friends :D (Yes azure even u....maybe....). @Xavier you have made a great server and done alot to keep it alive, and it was prob the greatest not traditional gmod server like TTT or Murder. I truly had a blast playing your server and hope that you will continue with it and make it into what it once was and then keep those players. Have a great day. But other than that I guess this is it (except the adding to and such) (Comment if u read it all idc if u dont <3) lirikH I may of cried a lil...

    --GIANT LIST--
    (No Order At All)
    (If u were left out just msg :D)
    @[WTF]RiseVisual - Truly you're a great friend and I loved playing with you and still do to rn, I hope to be friends 4 eva. <3
    Jlmickelson - Not one of the most known people, but one of my 1st friends on CSi. and still is! :D ur a good frand #SanicComin4u
    Taylor- You're also not known in CSi. but ur still a kewl dude and hope u still keep listening to TFK ;)
    @DeathShadow- pffffffffffffff stop getting banned on CSGO ya noob every time u play ur banned for 7 days lel. Hope to play with you on CSGO WHEN UR NOT BANNED <3
    @King Vlad - Mane u a kewl guy to hang out with in CSi and hope to play with you in the future :D
    @napkinz - STOP JUDGING MY F*KIN STICKERS.............. but rlly your a kewl dude and I hope you will get a CSGO te-am
    Chain- Chain you are also a great friend (even though u dont want to ever play csgo w/ me agian :^) ) I hope we still get to play other games together because ur a good friend and player :D
    Xavier- You have truly made a one of a kind server that will be remembered to anyone that played it for the fun it was. I hope you will continue on with your server and make it great and gain players back and maybe get a whole new group of CSi. Community members.
    @Baby Raptor - Mannnnn you were the coolest back in the day. You accepted me into csi and we had fun times with u poppin up in the mid of fire fights like a ghost.
    @Melo - Go play ur CSGO ;) but srsly fun times playing with you on csi and csgo
    @Eric Landerson - You wanna carry me? Luv playing CSi and csgo w/ u :D
    Cook- Remember when we had our 6 man team and camped in bunker like nubs and said "WE'RE IN BUNKER COME AND KILL US!"
    (will add comments to you guys later but its late and im tired so ye :p)
    @Moonlight -
    @biker -
    @Chair -
    @Happy Elf Teemo -
    @Ace -
    @Vanish -
    @Dabutterking{PanSquad} -
    @Scooby -
    @B2 Infinite
    @Abyss -
    @revynchevy -
    {xLR} Jacob (not JACOB) -
    @Kevin -
    @Machine6fd -
    @Zimbabwe -
    @McLovin -
    @Miroka™ -
    @MrMoneybag101 -
    @Pro Ace -
    @ProNairam -
    @SnowyLady -
    @Mr Series -
    @Mr Solo Dolo -
    Slowpokey -
    Royal Ranger-
    @Sir Whoopin - u stole my skins u bastard u have a special place in my heart....
    DarkPhaze -
    (will add more peps also later........)
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  2. joshsod3

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    Holy hell man, no need to be so dramatic. Its video games not irl.
  3. Lich

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    Lol what
    I was tired I just wrote whatever came to mind lel. Been here a way gonna leave with a "Bang"

    Sorry I actually had a ton of friends and gave everyone that played a good time unlike u Mr. CampinNKillErybody.
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  4. B2 Infinite

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    K leave me out XD
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  5. Lich

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    addddddddddddddddddddddddddddeddddddddddddddddd <3
  6. Scooby

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  7. Why can't this server die already?
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  8. Abyss

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    it's already dead kek
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  9. Floppy

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  10. Azure

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    Jesus Christ, that was inspirational.
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  11. Floppy

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  12. revynchevy

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    Much love, Lich! :)
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  13. King Vlad

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    You were one funny motherfucker. Take care brother!
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  14. Sir Whoopin

    Sir Whoopin Da Pussy Magnet

    Aye Buddy, saw this. Sad to see you leaving, haven't been on here for a long ass time but ya. Definetly keep in touch. PM me your # or something. Also if you have a PS4 add me...

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  15. Floppy

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    Taking your signature
  16. McLovin

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  17. Lich

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    <3 Mclovin you were a cool guy to hang out with :D still remember when I 1st met you and you had no utter clue who I was then I asked the next day and you forgot agian XD :p
  18. Sir Whoopin

    Sir Whoopin Da Pussy Magnet

    Alright :)
  19. Peaches

    Peaches Lovely Supporter Community Member

    I dont even care if I was mentioned or not, Im gonna miss lich, he was one of my first friends
  20. Teemo

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    y u heff to leave tho

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