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*{DAY-Z TRADE}* || W: playermodel . H: ingame cash!


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I am in dire need of an in-game player model!
I have *INGAME CASH* to offer in return.


PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING, please give this forum post a read as it is a statement on Xavier's stance on trading in-game items in exchange for donation store purchases. 



And for the safety of both parties within the transaction, I will only be doing such a trade using a middleman (can vary as long as their position is admin or higher within the community).

Now that the T.O.S and warnings is out of the way

I have a lot of in-game cash. I was initially going to trade Csi. Zerg my 400k in exchange for a in-game skin but we both ended up not doing it due to the recent drawing contest. i had high hopes of winning but people cleary made better stuff sooo, MY INGAME CASH IT IS :D.

LEAVE down below how in-game cash you are willing to buy in exchange for $20-25 dollars worth of credits :]!


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Extra information: 

needed for donation page.

contact to work out a deal through my discord - JoJ#0789  (i am frequently in the csi discord server)

or just reply here too lol

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