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Unban Request skibidi_vapa_PA

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Steam Username: skibidi_vapa_PA

Steam ID: STEAM_0: 0: 155919997

Link to ban request (if any): -

What server are you banned from ?: DayZ

How long have you been playing on our servers: since 2019

Have you ever been banned (including other servers)?: No

If you have been banned, how many times?  

Why do you think you were banned?: I used Aim assistance(cheats) and admin seen this.

Why should we lift your ban?:  2 days have passed since I am in the ban for Aim assistance and after this time I realized that I made a gross mistake
"George" was absolutely right, I thought that the evidence would be minimal and unfair and I would get a second chance and correct myself
I realized that similar servers in "Garry's mod" are simply does not exist and I want to continue playing on your project with my friends.

I ask you to forgive me for my words "where is the evidence that I have to cheat"

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Posted (edited)

Denied. You can have your chance at honesty in 2 weeks. Don't expect complete forgiveness from anyone.

Edited by phoon

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