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Oscar's Moderator Application

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Steam Name: Oscar

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68353345

Age: 19

How long have you been playing our server(s)?: Nearly 3 years

Which server do you play most?: GmodZ

Have you ever been banned?: Yes, twice. It has been over a year since both.

Whats your experience staffing?: I have been playing Gmod for over 8 years now and have been in a staff position on multiple servers, ranging from DarkRP, Murder, Jailbreak, and Sandbox.  My current occupation in the U.S. Air Force has me managing a section of airmen in my shop.

What makes you different from other applicants?: I dedicate a lot of time to this server because I find it enjoyable, and I have been in many senior staff positions on Gmod servers as well as other games.  I have had significant experience with managing and working with people and distributing proper discipline to those that need it.

Reputable names that recommended you as a Moderator: phoon, Donner Daddy

~~~DayZ Scenarios~~~

A player has posted a slur in global chat after being previously warned, what do you do?: The first thing I would do, for most of these situations (unless they required immediate action), I would ask a supervisor what I should do.  They have more experience than me and have most likely dealt with the exact same situation before, multiple times.  I would then take into consideration their advice and act accordingly.  Depending on how many times this person has been banned for this sort of offense, or the amount of slurs being used, I would issue a ban in accordance with whatever amount is necessary.

A player has threatened to grab another players IP address and DDOS them, what do you do?: This is a situation that would require immediate action.  As far as I am aware, moderators cannot permanently ban players, so the player that issued the threat would be banned for however long I could issue a ban for and inform a supervisor about the situation, resulting in them being permanently banned.

You have witnessed a staff member using their powers to gain a unfair advantage multiple times, what do you do?: I would inform a supervisor or someone that is of higher rank than the staff member that is abusing their position of the situation at hand, all while gathering evidence of such actions and submitting said evidence to higher ups.

A player has been cheating on the server all day but you aren’t able to permanently ban them, what do you do?: If the cheating is obvious, I would ban them for whatever amount of time it would take for a supervisor to issue whatever punishment is necessary. I wouldn't want players to continue to have to deal with a cheater.  If the cheating is inconspicuous or the player is suspicious, I would spectate their screen and gather as much evidence as possible before making any sort of accusations.

A player has come online and spammed server advertisements and racial slurs in chat, what do you do?: Because it is spam, I would immediately mute them and then consult a supervisor about what actions to take next.  I would then advise everyone in the server to not go to whatever is being advertised as it could be malicious.  Once my supervisor advises me on what action to take next, I would take said action.

Feel free to leave any other information or comments here if you wish: If you have any questions regarding anything please let me know.  In regards to the bans, you can find them on sbans.  Thank you for taking the time to read this application, and I hope to see you all on the server.

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