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CSi. Ryu moderator application

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Steam Name: CSi. Ryu


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90919962


Age: 18


How long have you been playing our server(s)? I came in probably early 2016 when chernobyl was in place and for the most part I've been active other than me taking a break and coming back.


Have you ever been banned?: I've only been banned because of rdm on ttt but that was a very long time ago.


Whats your experience staffing?: I do not have any actual experience per se, but I would usually be around admins and I would observe what they do but no actual experience myself.


What makes you different from other applicants?: I try to be as active as possible and also help in the server with anything needed, usually it would be to figure out if someone is cheating. I'm reliable in terms of being able to hop on the server basically whenever. Also I try my best to help new players and give them an understanding of the game so they know what they're playing and they dont just leave after thinking the csi dayz server is another rp server and in any case just do whatever I can do to help.


Reputable names that recommended you as a Moderator: CSi. Thunder  


~~~DayZ Scenarios~~~


A player has posted a slur in global chat after being previously warned, what do you do?: I would first mute set player, give him a warning and if he continues after the warning I would give them a temp ban and also record it just in case, tho I would assume the chat logs would shed some light.


A player has threatened to grab another player's IP address and DDOS them, what do you do?: I would get their steam id and ban them, obviously screenshotting or having some way to show what the player was saying. Also I would ask another admin to assess the situation depending on what is happening at set point and time.


You have witnessed a staff member using their powers to gain an unfair advantage multiple times, what do you do?: I would notify a higher up about what is happening in the situation and I would try to discrealty obtain evidence of them doing so.


A player has been cheating on the server all day but you aren’t able to permanently ban them, what do you do?: I would notify an admin asap but in the scenario of none being online, I would try to get evidence by recording.


A player has come online and spammed server advertisements and racial slurs in chat, what do you do?: First I would give him a solid warning and tell the player to stop spamming and that there's no tolerance when it comes to slurs, then I would mute him. If the player still doesn't understand and continues to be a nuisance, I would temporarily ban him and send the chat logs or the recording of him doing so to the other admins.


~~~DarkRP Scenarios~~~


A player has been ramming other players with his/her car all day, what do you do?: I would give a solid warning and tell the player that there's no point in ruining the game for other players and if it continues I would issue a ban.


A group of players have been targeting a smaller group of players and raiding them every half hour, what do you do?: I'd basically just tell them that they can't be doing that followed by another warning and if none of the warnings were listened to then a ban would be issued.


You see a police officer taxiing his friends around the map and basing with them, what do you do?: I would say that's not allowed and dish out a warning and make sure that it wouldn't be happening again.


A player advertises he is doing an event at the bank in chat, when everyone arrives he kills everyone and disconnects, what do you do?: I would ban him either permanently or temporarily depending on the situation.


Someone has reported a small group of players exploiting and duplicating items for in-game cash, what do you do?: I would notify an admin as I try to gain evidence to submit to the higher ups upon awaiting further instructions if there is more to it.


Feel free to leave any other information or comments here if you wish: Thanks everyone for the goodluck.

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