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Cali doo doo strikes again (attempt rdm)


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Username: cali doo doo 

Steam ID (STEAM_0:0:00000000): dont have this information

What time & date was the occurrence: 11/10/2020

What server is this for?: City rp

Was an Admin/Moderator online?(if so, who?): George - not asked to deal with it

How long have they been playing on our server(s): no info

Have they ever been banned? If so, tell us why: no info - possible ban

If they have been banned, how many times?: no info

Explain your story: Me and the boy in the British empire were looking for a raid so we could end our night on a good note, we were driving around and found one of pea's group almost raiding and we stop by to see whats happening. Cali seems to kill two cops and then avert his attention to me which i was doing nothing but walking down the road. Just because i have a gun on my back he shoots me around 2 times so i fire back killing him. - i'm pretty sure he can't just shoot people walking down the sidewalk for having a holstered weapon. 

Was anyone with you at the time? (eyewitness): Hellfish - Cleetus and knightly - Harry

Provide critical and usable evidence (videos, pictures, recordings): 

What length of a punishment do you feel necessary?: At least a day + (done this many times)

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You guys were walking around a raid with guns on your back, I don't know what you expect in the heat of the moment, not to mention your voice comms clearly sure you guys trying to look for reasons to fire on them... Request Denied.

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