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  1. Welcome Whitebolt! Always love to see new members playing on the server and becoming more interactive on the server, I hope to see you around on the server. ~zerg
  2. only thing guaranteed in life is death..

  3. -1: Changes his name to much.... +1: All jokes aside i play with him often, he's a very cool guy, and i have loads of fun playing with him. I believe he would make for a good addition to the CSi. community, he just need to stop changing his name so much....
  4. +1: it seems like your a very cool guy, you're very active for what I've seen, and i believe you would make for a very good addition to the CSi. community...
  5. -1: i think in retrospect it sounds cool but if it were to get in game it would break loads of stuff and also probably have lots of game breaking glitches threw like player clips and skyboxes..
  6. +1: I always see you on the Gmod DayZ server, hope to see you become a member best of lucky Zerg ( VAULT )
  7. +1: i think you would be a great member to the club you are very active i see you on everyday, also you seem to be very nice although i haven't really played with you i hope your are accepted, best of luck ~ Zerg ( VAULT, unethical )
  8. +1: although Sterben has a bad past with the "window borderless" situation, Sterben is a very active player and i feel like he wants the best for CSi, he has been nothing but good to me and i always see him helping others out and suggesting new things to be added. Zerg ( VAULT )
  9. i also agree i put this in the suggestion channel on discord but no one said anything about it zerg( VAULT )
  10. -1: I haven't seen you on in like a year
  11. -1: The few times i have seen you in-game you were being very toxic, you were talking trash on everyone, you just seemed to be a very rude person. Also i am pretty sure your already a dedicated member on ThatGmodZServer
  12. -1: I think its very obvious you were cheating even in the video you provided it shows us you just randomly pause and your cursor comes on the screen for about 4 seconds and i'm assuming that was you ticking or un-ticking some type of cheat that would assist you. I recommend just being honest and owning up to your mistakes ~zerg ( VAULT )
  13. +1: I was playing with this guy the other day and he seemed to be a really nice and fair dude, it didn't seem like he was using cheats at the time, i would like to see him unbanned. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, but its up to the staff....
  14. i got no classes ( CORONA VIRUS ) also I'm about half a year late on this post ~zerg ( VAULT )
  15. -1: I'm sorry HoDok you seemed like a really cool person for the very minimal amount of times i saw you on the server but unfortunately I'm going to have to -1 this because there seems to be a lot of evidence against you and also this is your second time being banned, I believe in second chances but not third chances, sorry man... ~zerg ( VAULT )

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