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  1. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Good fucking day.
  2. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Yet your staff is allowed to say shit like "Oh that was your friend? GOOOOD" to my friend in game. WOW. nice mature staff xavier. You people are trash. I didnt violate anything. Thanks for scamming me then. im charging back. This is LITERALLY bullshit. You people should be god damn ashamed.
  3. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Fuck off george you're a snake. i hate you. I didnt fucking do anything.
  4. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Im being fucked with and i do not god damn appreciate it. Either unban me or give me my money back. Im sick of this shit.
  5. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Means nothing to me when i dont even know what the literal heck im looking at. I see me pointing my gun down a pipe and names on the screen. So what? The hell do you people want from me. I do not. have. an ESP.
  6. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    This is so unfair...
  7. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Yeah you showed me. still means nothing.
  8. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Also im sorry i left the discord. i kinda started getting mad and didnt wanna say anything mean.
  9. Icipher

    Unban appeal.

    Steam Username: Icipher Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:135449084 Link to ban request (if there is one): Which server are you banned from?: Dayz How long have you been playing on our server(s): started sometime around late 2014 Have you ever been banned before (this includes other servers)? If so, tell us why: Nope. never. If you have been banned, how many times?: big fat 0. aside from this i guess. Why do you think you were banned?: Apparently cause of an ESP? Hacks, I dunno. i was mid gunfight and suddenly got banned. Not gonna point fingers or anything. all i wanna say is im a little upset. they showed me a screenshot of my screen or something. but it literally means nothing to me. is this a prank? Why should we lift your ban?: At this point i dont really care. i got assblasted in the discord when i talked about it. I brought alot of my friends to the server cause i really like it. I donated yesterday ffs. Honestly the only server worth playing anymore on gmod, everywhere else is either shit or just dead completely. to me anyways. Im sorry if i pissed anyone off but i just wanna play the game. Only recently started playing gmod again and i was really getting back into it. was gonna get a huge ass group of friends on the server on my birthday but now i guess i cant really do that. 27th btw. turning 23. whoop whoop. partyyyyyyyyy again im sorry if i pissed anyone off. but im not a hacker. For what its worth i have pretty good game sense and reflexes. but fuck dude. i dunno what you want me to say. Im just doin my best to have a good time. also for what its worth. this server is literally my favorite. Only hope this can be resolved so i can get back to it. but once again i really dont know what you want me to say. i only wanna play the game. :c



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